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Zombies, Zombies, Zombies....of All Kind and Creed. Oh, and Bats Too!

By now, I would venture to say I have become fairly adept at painting zombies. For Necromunda, the zombie horde is something like 80-100 strong. Many of those still need to be painted, but who's counting? For Malifaux, I have a pretty large collection of Ressers now, essentially just zombies with a variety of abilities and styles. And on the horizon, I've been giving Zombicide envious eye lately, so there are likely many more zombies to paint before I rest.

I know I've shown pics of some of these models before, but now that they are based they really are worth looking at.

First up, Rotten Belle #2 is complete and ready for the table. She has yet another variation on the zombie skin tone as I wanted her, as well as the rest of the Belles, to look freshly dead.

I don't recall exactly how much I discussed this before, but I ended up a big fan of her spring green dress. When I was younger, painting Orks and Space Marines and lots and lots of Guns, I never thought I woul…

Green Space

I have found myself in that strange part of the creative process recently. This obviously applies to painted and every aspect of the hobby, but it also applies to creative endeavors in general. What I’m speaking of is that “green space” we find ourselves in when between one model and the next. I have found myself firmly planted in this green space, with all of my pedestals empty.

The correct thing to do in this situation is to simply grab the next Ressurrectionists, stick them on the pedestals and start painting. I, on the other hand, have decided that this situation calls for me to look over all of the models I own and take large pains and a few hours looking things over, debating whether I should pick up some more Necromunda models to paint, maybe Space Hulk….or if I could just finish that Puppet Wars project….or maybe buy Zombicide or something…..AH!!

The good news is that I do have a nice long weekend coming up and a chance to really deflate from work and get some good painting …

Slow November (or) One Nasty Cultist

With November coming to a close, I am still at work on the Ressers. November tends to be something of a 'write-off' month for me as far as hobby is concerned. The colder weather puts me in a mood for reading, writing or taking a look at the newest video games. The holiday weekend has not been much help. Between family, travel and normal housework, I ended up with very little time left to paint.

The good news is that I have been getting some work done. At this point, the question is whether I want to share some of my newest pictures or if I should wait another week and show pictures of completed work. I think I am favoring the later at the moment.

Necromunda While cleaning through some of my stuff over the weekend, I came across this little guy at the top of the post. Since the release of Dark Vengeance for 40k, I have been very interested in getting some cultists built for Necromunda. I have a couple sets of rules I use with them, both as a gang and as NPCs in Arbitrator scena…

Do You Dig Lazarus?

One of my Gencon purchases this year was Lazarus. I thought he would be a good fit with my outcasts and I was excited to get my first construct up and running. He would provide a good higher cost support model for the Viks (at lease until Vanessa turns up) and a good tank for the Freikorps (until the Strongarm Suit).
The general consensus on this model, however, seems to be that it is not one of the better sculpts Wyrd has done. I kind of agree. The model is, unfortunately, bottom heavy, bowlegged and, like the action figures it seems designed after, awkwardly posed.
Fortunately, I have a large bits box with which to counter some of the problems and I think the additions work well for him.
First up, I attached a much larger shoulder pad on his right arm, taken from the Chaos Marauders I have been using to convert Necromunda Goliaths. The pad fits in perfectly and, if you didn't know it wasn't part of the model, I don't think you'd guess.
I also added a…

Resurrectionists? On Halloween? You Don't Say...

So I had a few moments and I really wanted to get one more October post in before midnight. Also, I have actually been doing some work on the Malifaux Ressers.

First up, what's coming up next month...I plan to play in my first organized Malifaux event coming up this weekend; a nice post-halloween story encounter that should be fun. The goal, of course, is to play more...or at all, really...but one step at a time.

November, for those of you who don't join me every year, is National Novel writing month. NaNoWriMo, therefore, is an endeavor to write an entire novel during the month of November. I have participated once, signed up to participate twice, and not  completed the goal yet. With my insane work schedule refusing to ease up, I likely won't succeed this year either, but I like to participate if only to flex those muscles again. Autumn is the time of year where I always long to start writing again.

Anyway, on with the Malifaux.

I've finished work on my second Belle.…

News From the Puppet War

Strange to have more than one post in a week, let alone in a single day, but there is big news from Puppet Wars.

Here's the link. Essentially, the news is that Puppet Wars playtesting is going public prior to the re-launch. The relaunch itself will be more of a complete 2nd Edition of the game. It's been known for some time that the models are going to plastic and the physical game itself is being somewhat overhauled.

A problem I have always had with Puppet Wars is convincing people to play: Especially more than once. The answer has always been "Why not play play Malifaux?" Until now, I haven't had much of a reason.
I hope the new version of Puppet Wars will do what the first did not. What we need is a game that targets a different audience and really is a break from Malifaux and not 'Malifaux-lite' or 'Malifaux-with-a-board.' Instead, what I'm hoping for is a game that stands on its own and is a good way to spend time between Malifaux games…

Old Temptations (Or) a Shameless Contest Entry

If there was only one thing that could tempt me into playing 40k again, this guy might be it.

Like many of us hobbyists, I trace my hobby roots back to 40k. When I first got into the hobby, it was through the Milton Bradley/GW game Heroquest. The first time I saw that people were painting these models, I was interested in doing it myself, and this quickly led me to Rogue Trader, and   2nd Edition 40k.
Over the years I have had several 40k armies: Blood Angels, Orks and Catachans mostly. When I left the game, somewhere around the switch from 3rd-4th Edition, it was because the competitive nature of the game was becoming more popular, and the cool complexity of the rules was waning. Thus I decided to keep playing 2nd by switching exclusively to Necromunda.
I have always kept tabs on 40k though, and have often said that there are very few things that would make me want to play again. Two of those things have now happened.

The first is with the release of 6th edition. I always said the …

Pictures of Unpainted Models are Lame (Or) Taking a Break

As fall begins to encroach on my home in Northern Indiana, and the excitement of the con season is slipping away in the rearview mirror, we come to the time of year that is the most boring for this blog (and for me as a hobbyist)....assembly and priming season.

My brother was visiting me recently and it occured to me that where he lives in Colorado, there really is no such thing as 'priming season.' He just builds the models he buys and takes them outside and sprays them down. In the midwest, that is much harder to do. Between the f-ing cold winters and the sweltering summers and the constant humidity, there is little time ideal for priming (unless you enjoy hotboxing aerosol sprays in your basement. I am too old for that). This means that twice a year, usually around Mar/Apr and Sep/Oct, I have my big builds, getting all the models ready for painting during the coming months.

This time, I've been working on all my new malifaux purchases, padding out my Resurrectionists …

A Madman and His Pretty, Pretty Little Toys

Hey, that's one ominous and creepy lamppost. I wonder wha.....

Back when I was first getting started with Malifaux, I started with the Viktorias and had a difficult time getting into the game. There was something about the pair that didn't click and the more work I did painting them and trying to play with them, the less I liked them.

So when I really decided to get into Malifaux and really learn to play and start getting active in my community and get a crew painted, I decided to look into other masters and see what wa out there. I ended up settling on Seamus.

Now that I've had some time to start painting the mad man and his (insert adjective that is both sexy and zombie-esque here) ladies, I wanted to take a quick break to show off some photos of the crew so far.

As always seems to be the case with me and painting, I've trying something new starting with Seamus. When I was working on the Viks, I tried Non-metallic metals and this did not work out particularly…

Puppet Wars - Big Updates

I am closing in on a nice goal for my Puppet Wars collection, being only a handful of models away from completing the starter box of puppets. (Wow. And it only took a year!) As it turns out, 50-60 hr work weeks combined with a 1 yr old daughter and all the 'other' stuff involved with normal life, can take quite a toll on how much a person can get painted.

Now, with Puppet Wars, I have something of an excuse. I will admit that the recent annoucements about P-Wars have really taken a bite out of my enthusiasm for the game. While I think the changes Wyrd is making will be good for the game in the long run, I am disheartened with all the work I've done and all the money I've spent on what are now out-of-date models. It doesn't seem to have been worth the passion I've put into painting the models and teaching new people how to play, only to have to start over again from scratch. Maybe this kind of discontent is part and parcel for the hobby, though. The 'Works…