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I’ve let my old habits get the better of me this year and, like my Necromunda collection, I have quickly grown a large Malifaux collection out of nowhere. In addition to all the time and attention Puppet Wars has been taking, I’m still determined to get some Malifaux models done so I can get back into playing here and there, at least in time for the next group of conventions. As the large scale assembly comes to a close, the inventory is as follows:
-The Viktorias (large crew) -Gremlins (How did I end up with almost 100 Soulstones worth of Gremlins?) -Seamus (large crew) -Lady Justice (small crew) -Perdita (medium crew) -Collette (medium crew) -The Dreamer (well, Lord Chompy anyway)
Alongside Puppet Wars, which has been taking most of my attention, I’m continuing work on the Malifaux crews slowly but surely. Though I’ve been tempted to move around between various crews, its becoming clearer and clearer to me that if I don’t finish a crew before moving on to the next one, I may never get a sin…