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20,000 Pageviews and Some Eschers!

Over the weekend, while cleaning up my study for upcoming holiday visitors, I found myself getting nostalgic for my first gaming love, Necromunda. One of my goals for the year was to finish bases for any painted necro models. I won't be getting to that by the end of the year. Maybe it can go on the resolution list for 2014.

I also noticed this weekend that the blog has made it to just over 20,000 pageviews! I find this both awesome and kind of hard to believe, but I'm sure there is a healthy number of spambots and such in that number. Still, I am going to view it as an accomplishment. 
To celebrate the pageview milestone alongside the sudden nostalgia, I decided to throw up some pics of one of the oldest parts of the Necromunda collected, and part that I have never shown before; my Escher gang. I have developed something of a Love/Hate relationship with the Eschers. While they still hold up as some of GWs best models ever produced, I have, even after more than 10 years, never …