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20,000 Pageviews and Some Eschers!

Over the weekend, while cleaning up my study for upcoming holiday visitors, I found myself getting nostalgic for my first gaming love, Necromunda. One of my goals for the year was to finish bases for any painted necro models. I won't be getting to that by the end of the year. Maybe it can go on the resolution list for 2014.

I also noticed this weekend that the blog has made it to just over 20,000 pageviews! I find this both awesome and kind of hard to believe, but I'm sure there is a healthy number of spambots and such in that number. Still, I am going to view it as an accomplishment. 
To celebrate the pageview milestone alongside the sudden nostalgia, I decided to throw up some pics of one of the oldest parts of the Necromunda collected, and part that I have never shown before; my Escher gang. I have developed something of a Love/Hate relationship with the Eschers. While they still hold up as some of GWs best models ever produced, I have, even after more than 10 years, never …

Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 9: Hearthsworn Fighter

Next up in the SDE hero parade is the Hearthsworn Fighter. I've always liked the look of this mini when painted up, but when decided on a color scheme, it occurred to me that actually painting him might be a bit boring, so I used the momentum from the Paladin to get right into painting this little guy.
The color scheme for the Fighter ended up being pretty straight forward. I decided to stick with a pretty traditional look for him, different tones of brown. This meant that I wanted to make what parts I could stand out, which meant going back to a pretty bright gold for his armor and a nice dirty blonde beard. 
At one point, I was worried that, between the Paladin and Fighter, I would have too much bright gold. However, looking at them together, and then at the rest of the more lightly armored heroes, I don't think that will be an issue. My goal with the heroes is not to move completely away from more realistic schemes, but to embrace the cartoonish style in a way that still c…

My Late Birthday Gift, to Myself

Over this last weekend, I received something of a belated birthday gift to myself in the mail, a set of Master Hybrid brushes from Games & Gears in the UK. The link is to their online store, but they also have an active facebook page.

I had pre-ordered the brush set back in September and have been waiting ever since. Even though I have painted models for a very long time, I have never really spent money on a high quality paint brush, favoring instead to go with GW brushes or whatever I can find at Hobby Lobby. When I started using these brushes over the weekend, however, I really started to understand what a good brush can do for you.
The Masters Hybrid brushes are double-sides, which means I actually received 6 brushes instead of only three in varying sizes. The good news is that, among the six brushes, there is not one I cannot envision using. They are also quite nice to hold onto, with a tapered body that fits very easily into my hands, which from time to time suffer from Carpal…

Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 8: Royal Paladin

This is a pretty big day for the Super Dungeon Explore project. As an attempt to revitalize my painting after a long fall of little hobbying, I decided to break my rule and paint up the first of my heroes. My original intent was to save them all until the end of the project, but I think, having painted all of the Kobolds, I can reward myself a bit.

I opted to paint up the Paladin first, as he has been one of our most frequently used heroes. I wanted the Paladin to be distinctly knight-like, but I was worried that painting him entirely silver and gold would keep him from standing out against all those Kobolds he will shortly be surrounded in. Instead, I made his armor a bright ivory with gold trim. 
I recently discovered Vallejo Model Air metallics and I have made the switch over completely. I don't know the chemistry behind it, but it seems to me that most metallic paints look too chunky. I don't think that's the right way to put it, but it seems like the pigments in most …

Super Dungeon Explore Vol 7: Kobold Dragon Priests

The Dragon priests represent the last of the Kobolds to be completed. A small victory, perhaps, but now the SDE project looks much more manageable and like something I can finish by the holidays. Dragons, mini-bosses and, of course the heroes are left to go, but the rank and file horde "not that there are all that many models, are complete. This means that when we play, most of the models in play will be painted, which is great incentive for getting everything else done quickly.

I decided to go for two separate color schemes on the Dragon Priests. The first is the more traditional purple cloaked lizard, while the other matches more closely the earth tones I've already established with the rest of the kobolds. For the skintones, I went with a slightly bright mix of the same colors I have used before, thought being that there is a physical difference between a regular kobold and one chosen to be a Dragon Priest.

These guys are ready for the tabletop, though I am not entirely p…

Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 6: Kobold Gougers

The last of the rank and file Kobolds to make their way to my desk, the Kobold Gougers are now complete. Initially, I think I left these guys for last simply because the models were not that exciting and I wanted time to complete the rest of the range in order to determine how to make these guys pop. 

I kept things simple and very similar to the rest of the Kobolds so far. Because these guys don't have any armor to contrast with their orange skin, I decided to go with a slightly more garish look on their scales and horns. This is a bit brighter and certainly stands out quite a bit, but is not different enough to clash with the rest of the

With the gougers, I ran into a conflict that I wanted to highlight in the blog. The gouger models went together fairly well, with the exception of a very large gap in their necks where the heads fitted to the bodies. This was really the case with most of the Kobolds, but it was particularly present on these guys. While I had initially approached…

Gencon 2013 Afterglow Pt. 3: The Big Build

In the weeks since Gencon, I have been busy with one of my biggest hobby builds in years, assembling some of my greatly increased Malifaux collection. As any of you who also play skirmish games know, the idea that a skirmish game is less expensive than any other table top game is a fallacy. Sure, you may be able to spread the expense out over a greater amount of time, as you can play with a smaller collection, but the collection doesn't usually end up all that smaller.
I decided to start my assembly with what I was most excited about which, for me, meant assembling all these new plastics. Last year I didn’t pick up much of anything Malifaux wise, so I had yet to see much of Wyrd’s plastics up close. All in all, I am very impressed with what they are doing.
Of course, now that I’m wrapping up the build on these guys, that means it’s time to start painting. My plan is that I will take on a single Malifaux model at a time while I continue to finish off Super Dungeon Explore. With th…

Gencon 2013 Afterglow Pt. 2: The Loot

Before too much time passes after Gencon and as my hobby time is largely eaten by organization rather than painting or modeling, I thought I’d ruminate a bit on the after-the-con experience of gathering all my loot and looking at just what I picked up and which projects have grown, moved aside or been added wholesale.

First up is the obligatory ‘Gencon Loot’ picture. This year, I had a hard time fitting everything into one picture, so there are a couple instead. Even after all these pictures, I still managed to leave some stuff out, but this is a complete enough picture. I think there is a pretty good mix here, particularly for a gamer who has spent most of his time exclusively on Games Workshop products, there is a great deal of variety here that, I think, is reflective of the gaming world in general these days.

As I’d expected, the majority of my expenditures went to Wyrd and Malifaux. I spent the last year steadily losing interest in Malifaux after the whole Puppet Wars thing and th…

Gencon 2013 Afterglow Pt. 1: The Convention

Last weekend I made the trip down to Indianapolis for Gencon 2013. Now that I've fought off my case of 'con-crud,' caught up on sleep and applied the appropriate amount of heat/cold to my aching shoulder, it's time to get back to normal. Before that, however, I thought I'd share a bit of how the weekend went.

While standing in the crowd on Friday morning, waiting for the exhibitor hall to open, I realized a funny thing about a convention as large as Gencon. The world feels very large and very small at the same time. In the anticipation, you look at each other, start small conversation and then it occurs to you that everyone around you has roughly the same set of interests. For gamers, I don't think that happens all that often, so it can be a pretty trippy experience. Then the hall opens, everyone rushes in and the excitement takes hold. All of the sudden, you find yourself hurrying to the booths of your choice to make sure you get all the new releases you were…

The Stand-Ins

I’ve never been a fan of using proxy models in my games. Back in the glory days of Necromunda, all of my characters or odd additions were scratch build or converted and I always tried to steer towards using all GW minis and parts. This is probably mostly due to the fact that, in my heart, I am more of a hobbyist than a gamer. I would much rather not play a model rather than play it by using an empty base or something like that.
During the tournament however, I decided I wanted to be able to run with a viable list in any game I played, which meant I wanted access to a few models I do not own in Malifaux. So before the tournament, I went digging through my figure cases to look for a few things my Malifaux Ressers and Guild were missing.

The first and most obvious choice was to look to Puppet Wars. This instantly gave me 3 extra Death Marshals (because there clearly aren’t enough sculpts for them) as well as extra Belles, Bette Noire and an Executioner. I also ended up taking my Seamus P…