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Malifaux Terrain: At Last

Over the last few months, I've had little time for the hobby. Without realizing, I've been so focused on work that everything else has taken a hit. Now, with projects at work successfully completed, I'm working to get some balance back in my life. Part of that balance means more time at the paint table and, perhaps, even on the gaming table.

An exercise of that re-balancing has been for me to brainstorm about those things that I like to do, the things that define 'me' outside of my job. In terms of gaming, this means returning to what has always been my favorite aspect of the hobby; terrain. And so I've begun work on some new Malifaux terrain, my first terrain project in almost 10 years. Yikes!
My first dive into terrain again is some simple rocky outcroppings.
I'm using these more as a proof on concept for the next phases of the project, which will be more 'badland' terrain, including hills, woods and a set of stone ruins (using the GW ruined te…