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The New Workspace

Like most people in this hobby, I've been modelling, painting and gaming for several years, but I've only occassionally had a permanent space to use. I've gone from one dining room table to another, to a fold out table in a small corner of a garage and back to a dining room table again. While it is nice to have everything you need to paint ready to move at a moment's notice, there is also something nice in having a permanent place to call my hobby table. Now it looks like I have one.

My new desk arrived last week.

After converting my study into a nursery last year, I found myself without a space of my own, and although I had the opportunity to paint at the dining room table, this inevitably led to less time for hobbying. I can't count the number of times I've thought about painting, only to decide I didn't feel like setting up all the stuff, painting for a couple hours, and then tearing it all back down.

While I purchased both the corner desk and the desk …