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A Madman, A Big Bastard and More Thoughts on the Future of the Blog

As part of my end of year retrospective, I recently went looking over my posts from last year to get a better idea of where this blog has been and where I would like it to go moving forward. One of the trends I noticed, particularly in the last year, is that I am often throwing posts up in the name of making a new post, moving as quickly as I can from one painted model to the next. While this has helped me post on a somewhat consistent basis, it doesn’t really achieve anything for the blog as a whole.

Moving forward, I’d like to take a bit more time to focus on the projects I am working on and the models I am painting. Rather than simply throwing and saying “Hey! Look at this!” I’d like to get into more of a discussion about my projects. Ideally, as I begin to play more regularly, I will afford more time in the blog to other aspects of the hobby.

With that in mind, I thought I would take a closer look at what ended up being my first completed Malifaux master, Seamus. I spent a consid…

The Obligatory New Year's Post

I should start by saying that I am not going to miss 2012. The year was pretty good for me professionally, but only in the way that means I spend a lot more time working and less with my family. Personally, this year has been an unending string of hardship for my entire family. This year we've dealt with natural disasters, serious illnesses of all kinds, death, suicide and unemployment. The consensus this year has been that we all just need a break and feel like, with 2013 beginning, we all deserve one.

In terms of hobby, this year has been a very mixed bag as well. While I have been able to keep this blog going, I have not been able to grow the following of this blog and have not grown my presence online as I would have liked. I was not able to spend time at any events this year and have done very little gaming and not much painting. Beyond that is my disappointment in Puppet Wars, which has been doomed to some kind of  purgatory in favor of some card game with baby Hitler.

The …