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House Goliath

While I have a growing collection of great new models that are ready to hit the paint table, I am still committed to finishing one project at a time, which means the Space Hulk Terminators are still taking up the bulk of my work. But with three down and a 4th and 5th almost ready to join them, I can realistically see myself finishing them sometime in the near future. Although it might not be by original goal of GenCon, I will certainly get them done. In the meantime, though, I have been continuing the epic struggle to empty my bitz box. This time, I'm working on my new Goliath gang.

I've been looking forward to modeling the Goliaths for quite some time. The original inspiration for this gang came from a Fanatic Magazine article on the new Ma and Pa Spyrers. That Goliath gang maintained the traditional color scheme of the game, as I will, but made the gang out of a mashup of Necromunda, Imperial Guard and Fantasy models. This is my take on these guys.

These are some of the firs…

Getting Stuck In

So I'm only up to my third post and already I feel a bit like I'm cheating a bit. So far, I have written and rewritten several articles that will eventually show up as part of the blog. But what I really want is for this to be a place to talk about the progress I have been making in the hobby, whether in painting, modeling or writing. From time to time, I will have a more polished article, but I also want to make sure, in the interest of posting regularly, that most entries are simply a catalog of what I've been working on and an incentive to get more done.

I'm totally new to this whole thing...hopefully I'll get better at it soon. In the meantime, I have been working on a few things.

Most of my time lately has been spent on my recent purchase, Space Hulk. While I fought the temptation to pick up a copy last fall, I saw one in my local store and finally decided to pick it up and, so far, I have not been disappointed. As it turns out, Space Hulk was the perfect purc…

Getting Started

I've been taking a few days to decide where I wanted to go with my next entry on the blog and whether I wanted to go straight into the modeling and painting aspects or take a bit more time introducing myself. I finally decided on the later.

So first, a little about me. I started playing, painting and running campaigns of Necromunda back only a few months after its original release back in the days of 2nd Edition 40K. From running campaigns for my friends and local gaming scene, I moved on to writing for Fanatic in Necromunda Magazine and Fanatic online. I was also part of Necromunda's Rules Review Committee and a relatively active member of the forum communities. During my time writing for the magazines, I was flattered to see several articles published including rules for dogs, expanded rules for dealing with captive gangers, rules for fielding traders and much more.

Alas, such things were not to meant to last and eventually the publications for Specialists games trickled awa…