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Still Board: Basing Puppet Wars Part 2

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been experimenting with my Puppet War bases to finalize the technique I’m going to be using from here on out. The resulting look above is exactly what I wanted to achieve with their bases; a dramatic ‘game-piece’ look and a good looking finish that matches both the style in which I’m painting the puppets and the board on which they will play. So I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned with this basing technique.
The process has remained unchanged from my last post. My attention, instead, has been focused on trying to come up with the right combination of inks, washes, paints and varnishes to make the bases look just right. With the first batch done, I am increasingly excited to see all the puppets painted and on the table.
Staining the Bases
Rather than actually painting the wood bases, I wanted to let the grain of the Balsa wood do all the hard work for me, which meant sticking to a scheme of staining the wood either with inks or washes. Righ…

Getting Board: Basing Puppet Wars

So the title may be a bit misleading. In reality, I have been anything but bored with Puppet Wars so far. The game is great and every time I play, I look forward to my next game. The same has been true for painting the models. I am a slow painter by any standard, but these puppets have easily managed to keep my interest. The nice thing about the models is they are small and relatively easy to paint. As soon as I’m done with one, I’m anxious to start another. Even better, anytime I am feeling a lack of motivation with one, I can pick up another model and get a basecoat completed quite quickly.

As I steadily increase the number of finished paintjobs (7 and counting, woot!) I am eager to get them to a truly finished state and that means bases. Lots and lots of bases. Before I'd even picked up the game, I had decided to go with a simple hardwood floor base. This would keep things simple and clean looking and has the added benefit of matching the game board.
As it turns out, there are…