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Anniversary Gaming

This week my wife Laura and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. As this came in the middle of a go live for the hospital I work at, we didn’t have much of anything planned. So last minute, I decided to bring home what ended up being a pretty good combination of delicious BBQ ribs, some champagne, flowers and, to top everything off, a game of Super Dungeon Explore.As we had both worked the day before and had to work the following day, we decided for a simple, two tile game. Laura decided to take the role of the Consul and stacked up what is an impressive looking group of almost-entirely-painted kobolds. For the heroes, I settled on the Paladin and the Hearthsworn Fighter. This was the first time I’ve had a chance to play as heroes in this game and we had a very enjoyable game. The game started out as they usually do, with a brisk run to the first spawn point by the heroes, who managed to take it down relatively easy by about the 3rd turn. However, I ran into an interesting problem. During…

A Day of Firsts (or) A Malifaux V2 Tournament Report

While I haven’t had much time to spend at the painting table over the last couple of week, I’ve been doing a long on the Malifaux front. In fact, I recently had a chance to play in what I can confidently say was the area’s first M2E tournament on June 30th. The tournament was pretty straightforward, 3 rounds, 50ss, single faction, hosted by Top Shelf Games in Fort Wayne along with our local Wyrd Henchmen, Cadilon from the forums.

There ended up being several firsts for me that day: My first M2E game, first tournament, first Malifaux win and, drumroll please, my first tournament won. 1st place, baby. I don’t have much experience with reporting on tournaments and, seeing as this was an M2E event, instead of reporting move by move on the tournament itself, I’m going to focus on what I think of M2E and how the game plays in a tournament style.

Before I get too much into the tournament itself, I want to give more of a shout out to the local community. The local Malifaux group has been a bi…