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Playing Catch Up to the Puppet Parade

About a month to Adepticon 2012. Hmm...Last year, Adepticon was my deadline for completing the Space Hulk project and I still haven't gotten back to that. My wife and I went to Chicago last year and even though I was only a spectator, we had a great time. We did a lot of shopping (hence the picture to the left), ate some great food and I immensely enjoyed becoming completely entrenched in the hobby for a couple days. This year, the goal was to have Puppet Wars complete by Adepticon, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. With all the craziness between my job and family, it looks like I'm putting off going to Chicago this year. That's okay though, as I still don't have a single crew painted for Malifaux anyway.
On the bright side, the weather is beautiful again and that means I have a chance to sit on my back porch, let my dog play in the back yard and work on cleaning the rest of my Puppets so I can get them built and primed before the weather gets to…

House Goliath Update and some Terrain

After what seems like a month, I've finally had a chance to sit back down at the painting table and get some work done. I'm only just now approaching the original milestone I mentioned a few posts ago, getting to a full 20 puppets painted, but I've been able to get good work done on another set of bases and I've even had the chance to do a little work with Necromunda.

While I'm catching up with the painting queue, and then with taking pictures, I thought I would give some updates on other projects I've been working on over the last several months.


Since trying to get my blog some attention, I've received a lot of feedback about the Goliath Gang. The gang ended up somewhere in the neighborhood of about 30 or so models including the original Goliath releases, the new Goliath release and a number of kitbashed fighters using Chaos Marauder and Ork plastics.

Unfortunately, the Goliaths ended up coming together at kind of an unfortunate time for me. I …

Real Life

The last couple of weeks have been difficult for me and my family. Let it suffice to say that, after a long two weeks, my family is once again healthy, happy and ready to get back to a normal routine.
In the midst of difficult times, it occurs to me just what place this hobby has in my life and where its value lies. I have often made the case that this hobby is something like meditation for me, a welcome stress relief and a good way to spend a quiet weekend or a relaxing evening. Over the last couple weeks, I have come to appreciate this even more.

My brother called me the other night and we talked at length about his new Tomb King's army for Fantasy. We have both always loved Tomb Kings, played them in Warmaster, and finally one of us took the dive to get an army. Our conversation was about color schemes and paint techniques and products any respectable painter should have in his tool box, but, more importantly, it was a welcome distraction.. The conversation gave us both a cou…