Back in the Underhive

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to play a proper game of Necromunda...the first in a very long time. With Shadow War out, I have had some interest, but for my money, nothing beats the original Necromunda. Let's look at the game in some detail.
My opponent went with a Delaque gang with a couple of heavies while I led a band of Cawdors focused more on numerous lightly armed fighters. The fighting took place in a small shanty in the ruined outskirts of a settlement. The Delaques, fresh from a night of gambling and drinking, had accepted a job from the local gambling boss Jerry ‘Snake-Eyes.’ Believing they’d endeared themselves to the gambling boss, the Delaque gang has taken their winnings and agreed to clear the nearby shanty of several scum who have been causing trouble for the settlement. Little do they know that ‘Snake-Eyes’has led them to a trap, angered by the Delaque’s apparent luck at the tables. The shanty they are to clear is already empty, cleared recently by a venomou…

Too Much Blood for the Blood God (?)

It’s safe to say 2017 is off to a slow start in terms of painting. At the end of the year, I was enjoying a rare spurt of painting interest, cranking out multiple models per week and really making some progress on the massive pile of unpainted models. With the new year, however, that has slowed down. If I’m honest with myself, its mostly due to analysis paralysis. There are just too many projects I want to work on. So when I sit down to get some work done, I can’t decide what to do.

I’m going to skillfully ignore this problem for now and instead show off some of the models I have been working on. That should inspire me to pick up the paintbrush more often….right?

First up are the demons of hunger that are Malifaux Gaki. Gaki seem to be one of those unfortunate models that every game has….awesome, beautiful models whose rules either suck or they’re too underpowered or over-costed, which means I seldom see them on the table. I picked mine up long before I’d ever played a master you’d use…

Things Gone and Those to Come

2016 was a year of considerable change for my family and I. Above all else, it was the year in which we finally ended our time in the Midwest and made our return to Colorado. This move had always been the 5-year plan for us, but it took us by surprise when we realized that we had actually achieved what we set out to do. Perhaps more unbelievable is the realization that the end of this month makes it 1 year since the move. The process has been somewhat jarring and it has been a whirlwind of a year. And so as our first year in Denver comes to a close, our focus turns from ‘getting here’ to really setting up a life here.
That’s to give you an idea of where my mind is but in reality, 2016 was a fairly productive year in terms of hobby. The year saw me paint more models than I have in a number of yearsand while painting for me has always been a slow process, I’ve grown as an artist and I am constantly looking for new ways to improve. On the terrain end of my hobby, I’m continuing to create…

Visions of Confluence: The Pokey Bits

Most games have rules of one kind or another to cover hazardous terrain, that type of terrain that impedes movement and/or causes damage. For me, this has typically been the more difficult to create, as there are only so many options out there. Pools of Lava or some other caustic substance, holes or crevices, or barbed wire fences and sharp rocks. I’ve never really like examples I’ve seen of any of these, so up until now I’ve steered away from hazardous terrain on my boards.

For the Confluence project, however, I had a chance to try something new. Cactus patches. I’ve seen these done before many ways, but I wanted to apply the same mentality to creating hazardous terrain to the way I created the rest of my terrain. For my hazardous terrain, I chose Pegasus Hobbies Cactus models. These come in 2 different sets and if you pick them both up, you will have enough for all of the patches I’ve created as well as a large surplus for other terrain pieces or bases or what have you.

While I’ve …

Visions of Confluence: Upon this Ground

When I first started to build terrain for Malifaux, I had a number of ideas for boards to create and themes to visit. Knowing I'd have to settle on one to begin with, I eventually settled on the concept of a mining/frontier town.
At the time I was living in Fort Wayne Indiana and my wife was working with the cities History Center. In the 1860s, Fort Wayne was a frontier town, so it seemed like a good way to work the community into the terrain project. Fort Wayne sits in the Northeast corner of Indiana, on the western edge of what was once known as the Great Black Swamp. The swamp was drained away and settled by towns in Ohio and Indiana and Fort Wayne was born at the meeting point of three rivers. Thus, I settled on the name Confluence for my frontier town.

When I decided what I wanted to build, I thought it would also be fun and interesting to build the town in a similar way to which towns are really built. Of course, when building game terrain, this means creating the land firs…

Visions of Confluence

Last year I dove headlong into making terrain for Malifaux. As I’ve mentioned before, terrain is my favorite part of the hobby, so brining my vision of Malifaux to life has been great fun so far. While I’ve posted pictures here and there as I’ve completed pieces andset up tables, I’ve not had the chance to talk about the design of what I’m working on or to share any tutorials. Over the next several blog posts, I hope to change that. In fact, this is the first of several posts that will be much more than pictures of the terrain I’m working on. They will also be a chronicle of the world I’ve envisioned in which the terrain is placed. In this way, I hope to craft this blog into a record of all aspects of my hobby work with Malifaux, from terrain and painting all the way to playing and running campaigns. But to start, I want to talk a bit about inspiration. When I started the terrain project, I spent hours looking through old photos on-line and documentaries to find the direction in which …

Long Time Coming

After 6 months on Hiatus, I’m back and ready to start updating this blog with more regularity. A lot has happened over the last 6 months, not the least of which was picking up and moving from the Midwest to Denver, Colorado. While I’ve only just begun to explore the gaming scene around here, I’m sure there are good times ahead, both for the blog and for my hobby in general. So let’s get started!