Old Temptations (Or) a Shameless Contest Entry

If there was only one thing that could tempt me into playing 40k again, this guy might be it.

Like many of us hobbyists, I trace my hobby roots back to 40k. When I first got into the hobby, it was through the Milton Bradley/GW game Heroquest. The first time I saw that people were painting these models, I was interested in doing it myself, and this quickly led me to Rogue Trader, and   2nd Edition 40k.

Over the years I have had several 40k armies: Blood Angels, Orks and Catachans mostly. When I left the game, somewhere around the switch from 3rd-4th Edition, it was because the competitive nature of the game was becoming more popular, and the cool complexity of the rules was waning. Thus I decided to keep playing 2nd by switching exclusively to Necromunda.

I have always kept tabs on 40k though, and have often said that there are very few things that would make me want to play again. Two of those things have now happened.

The first is with the release of 6th edition. I always said the only thing that would make me think about playing 40k again would be the ability to play an army similar to those you see in Black Library Novels or the Eye of Terror worldwide campaign now several years ago. The idea of a horde of zombies, cultists and renegade humans led by a small group of Chaos Space Marines has always captured my imagination. Ally rules in 6th Edition now make this possible.

The second one is really pretty similar. I would like to run an army like you see in Black Library Novels, and now Forgeworld seems to be making this possible with the news of them taking on the Horus Heresy. Primarch models, less for the gaming and more for the painting, really have me interested and the release of Angron, the first Primarch, has me excited to see what's coming up.

That brings me to the Shameless contest entry. A blog I have read for a bit now, masterminis.net, is having a contest and is giving away a signed Angron model. Typing that sentence makes the whole thing sound boring, but the truth is quite the opposite. This model is pretty fun and is the herald of great things to come from Forgeworld. I mean...come on. Look at this model!

So, I reccomend everyone who reads this make their way over to his contest site by following this link: Win a Signed Copy of Angron from Masterminis.net. The concept of the contest is really quite easy. Just sign up as a follower for the blog and do something similar to what I am doing now. Wny not sign up yourself. You have until sometime next week.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm headed back to the Simple Green.

More to come.



  1. Hey :)

    Bad news is - you did not win Angron.
    Good news is - you won a bonus giveaway for a really well done share of my competition.

    Congratulations! Check out masterminis.net and send me your shipping information for your prize!

  2. Hey Nick - saw their new contest, and was curious if you'd received your prize from this one yet.


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