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The Second Plunge

I mentioned in my last post that I had recently taken two plunges in my hobby, the first of which is Super Dungeon Explore. The second, and considerably larger, plunge I've taken is more about my hobby as a whole. That is, I've just taken my first steps into the world of airbrushing. After being clued in on a very tempting deal by A Girls Guide to Gaming Geekery, I decided to take the plunge and start an entirely new angle on the hobby.

As it turns out, there is much more to airbrushing than just finding a good deal on an airbrush. Pictured is the mass of stuff I have ended up collecting to get me started. At this point, I have everything I need to work. So let's go!

With my hobby devoted almost entirely to skirmish games, you may be wondering what need I have of an airbrush. It's true, I don't paint armies of blue space marines or regiment upon regiment of skaven. However, the airbrush is still going to be an immensely valuable tool for me as I progress and, in p…

Taking the Plunge.....Well....Two Plunges Really

In an earlier post, I had mentioned a secret new project I've been working on. In truth, there are really two secret projects.

For the first time in a very long time, this year I actually got some gaming stuff for Christmas. In the past, I have usually steered away from subjecting my family to wandering around in my hobby, but this year, my wife picked me up a copy of Super Dungeon Explore. That would be the first plunge I mentioned in the title. I'll talk more about the second plunge in a later post.

I am a little bit late to the game, I know, but this game is absolutely awesome. It's nice to have a game that wife enjoys playing as much as I do (in the past, we've played a considerable amount of Space Hulk, Puppet Wars and Malifaux, but this is the first of those that she hasn't been intimidated by on some level). So far we're about 3 or so games in and it has been very enjoyable, though I am looking forward to playing more than a 2 player game. 
Since Christ…