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Gencon 2013 Afterglow Pt. 1: The Convention

Last weekend I made the trip down to Indianapolis for Gencon 2013. Now that I've fought off my case of 'con-crud,' caught up on sleep and applied the appropriate amount of heat/cold to my aching shoulder, it's time to get back to normal. Before that, however, I thought I'd share a bit of how the weekend went.

While standing in the crowd on Friday morning, waiting for the exhibitor hall to open, I realized a funny thing about a convention as large as Gencon. The world feels very large and very small at the same time. In the anticipation, you look at each other, start small conversation and then it occurs to you that everyone around you has roughly the same set of interests. For gamers, I don't think that happens all that often, so it can be a pretty trippy experience. Then the hall opens, everyone rushes in and the excitement takes hold. All of the sudden, you find yourself hurrying to the booths of your choice to make sure you get all the new releases you were…

The Stand-Ins

I’ve never been a fan of using proxy models in my games. Back in the glory days of Necromunda, all of my characters or odd additions were scratch build or converted and I always tried to steer towards using all GW minis and parts. This is probably mostly due to the fact that, in my heart, I am more of a hobbyist than a gamer. I would much rather not play a model rather than play it by using an empty base or something like that.
During the tournament however, I decided I wanted to be able to run with a viable list in any game I played, which meant I wanted access to a few models I do not own in Malifaux. So before the tournament, I went digging through my figure cases to look for a few things my Malifaux Ressers and Guild were missing.

The first and most obvious choice was to look to Puppet Wars. This instantly gave me 3 extra Death Marshals (because there clearly aren’t enough sculpts for them) as well as extra Belles, Bette Noire and an Executioner. I also ended up taking my Seamus P…