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Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 5: Kobold Warrens

The painting this last week took a decidedly slow turn, as I opted to tackle the four Kobold Warrens for SDE. While the original plan for these models seemed pretty simple in my head, in practice it turned out quite different. These four models have managed to take me the better part of three weeks to paint. Of course, some of that is because I have been more active with Malifaux recently. However, part of it was simply because these models became more complicated than I had anticipated.

That said, I am very happy with the way they turned out.

Like I said, the concept for these models was pretty straight forward. As I have with all of the Kobolds, the warrens were undercoated black and then basecoated with Vallejo Heavy Charcoal. I then set to adding progressive amounts of Cold Grey to the Charcoal to build up the highlights until the entire thing was given several thin washes of Umber Wash. Once I was satisfied I have a suitably earthy rock look, I went in to work the details.
The …

Late Spring, Good Food and New Malifaux

The last few weeks have been a study in the kinds of things I really like to do. I’ve been painting a lot of models, grilling a lot of food, enjoying the outdoors with my family, spending the gorgeous evenings on my porch reading a new rulebook and watching and playing a lot of the new version of Malifaux. Not a bad spring all together. Our local group has been getting a lot of Malifaux in and I’ve been trying to get there when I can. So far, I have had the chance to watch a few very good games front to back and this has given me good idea of how I feel about the future of Malifaux.

Maybe one of these days I will post the recipe for this delicious BBQ Chicken, but for now I want to talk about the original Malifaux game. In listening to all of the interviews about Malifaux and the new edition, it is clear that one of the goals has been to streamline the game rather than simplify it and to remove the decision fatigue that could be crippling. To me, this is a welcome concept. One of the…

Distractions....and Malifaux V2 Open Beta

I have yet to sit at my painting table this week. While I am sure I will rectify this over the weekend, I haven’t actually missed the time not painting, as I have been busy with a couple other things.
The first of those was Bioshock Infinite. It isn’t often that I come across a game, particularly a first-person shooter, that is able to keep my interest with the story alone. I think back about all the shooters I have played and, even though I may have started playing them for the story, in the end, it is usually more like “I need to finish this game, already.” Infinite, on the other hand, even more so than its predecessor, had me playing well into the morning out of a strong desire to see what happens next. Not that Infinite isn't a great game for reasons other than the story. It is a great game overall. It's just not often that the story in video games is as well executed.
This is a particularly surprising achievement, given the fact that a lot of the game is completely rid…

Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 4: Kobold Flingers

Next up for Super Dungeon Explore are the Kobold Flingers. For one reason or another, they've ended up being more time consuming to paint than other Kobolds so far. This is probably due, in part, to the increasingly nice weather. We’ve settled in to a very nice early summer in Northeast Indiana, and much of my time has been spent enjoying it either with the family or with projects around the house.
When I went looking for samples of how other had approached painting the Flingers, I found that a lot of schemes out there leave them feeling a little dull or monochromatic. The Kobolds, an indeed, the monsters in the SDE starter box, are already pretty monochromatic, so I wanted to make them as colorful as I could while still sticking to the overall look of the rest of the kobolds, as well as the feel of them having scavenged what they have.

This means that the Flingers share a color scheme with the rest of the Kobolds. Their skin is based Beasty Brown and highlighted up into Parasit…