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Show and Tell (The Slime Edition) or Stalling for Time

In my last post, I mentioned I had made the decision not to go to Adepticon this year. This decision was based on several factors. Mainly though, I decided to stay home and miss all the crazy shopping strictly because I haven't begun to work on anything I purchased at Adepticon last year. All the Forgeworld goodies I plan on using for Necro, all the Necro gangs, all the bits and all the little extras....haven't even started messing with them.
Add to that a healthy dose of Crazy-Job, Daughter with Ear-aches and my own 4 1/2 week cold-from-hell and it just didn't work out. But that's okay. I didn't have anything ready to play there anyway. That means, for my update, I'll be showing off some of the stuff I've been working on with the Necromunda: Badzones project. I'll feature some slimes from the Bestiary; simple to make, and great looking on the table.
In the meantime, what little hobby time I have been giving myself has been spent looking over some of …