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Posting My Old Articles (or) The Most Boring Post Title of All Time

While plugging away at the Puppet Wars project has taken all my painting time, I have also been looking at all the old content I've created for Necromunda over the years. I've wanted to get some of this content onto the blog for a long time and it looks like now is the time.
The good news, for me, is that most of the work has already been done. Thanks to the good people over at Yakromunda, a fantastic Necro resource, most of my content is already hosted in their expansive library. I'm simply going to link to their site for now, at least until I can update some of these articles. In order to download these PDFs, you will have to register with Yakromunda's site, but if you're interested in reading the content, there's no reason you shouldn't already have an account at Yakromunda; there's just too much good info there. Over the coming months, several of these articles will be updated and many will be compiled into larger projects like Necromunda: Badzones

Necromunda: Badzones, or "A Good Problem to Have"

The last couple of weeks have found me busy with work and traveling. While it seems to me that I've had less free time lately, I'm not sure that could stand up to scrutiny, as I've actually gotten quite a bit of hobby work done. In addition to a lot of painting for Puppets Wars, I've been able to make some big leaps with Necromunda and I'm getting excited about things to come.

One thing I've wanted to focus on since starting this blog is creating new content for Necromunda and really making a contribution to the game once again. Over the years, I've had the priveledge of being published in many of Games Workshop's various Specialist Games publications. However, those dozen or so articles I did have published were just a small percentage of the content I've generated over the years. As one of those few who tend the lighthouse that is Necromunda, I feel somewhat responsible to get that content out in the open.
The first set of content is ne…