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Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 12: Ember Mage

The Ember Mage is the next hero ready for the game table and, while I know I've been saying this about every hero model, I had a great time painting her. Next to the Paladin, it seems to me that the Ember Mage is the most identifiable heroes in the core game, so I wanted mine to be a good spokesperson for this project as a whole. What I ended up with was a gorgeous model that really stands out. I know that sounds like I'm bragging a bit, but I am genuinely happy with how my painting has been coming along.

As I work my way through the SDE models, I keep coming back to a point that I want to mention as I post, but I'm not sure I've vocalized it effectively. The models for SDE are different in many ways from anything I have painted so far. This goes beyond just the scale and style, but is also the way the models are sculpted. My other projects being GW and Wyrd products, I am used to intense details on the miniatures. While the SDE models are, no doubt, finely detailed, …

Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 11: Here There Be Treasure!

I know I've shown some of my finished treasure chests here and there during the SDE project, but now that they are complete, I thought they deserved a post of their own.

When I sat down to organize the order in which I was going to paint SDE, I decided to make the treasure chests a nice little reward for painting the numerous Kobolds. If I paint a unit of Kobolds, I get to paint a chest. This served as a nice little diversion from the Kobolds, but also made the chests a pleasure to paint instead of another obstacle of wood and brass.

The chests come in three basic sculpts and I tried to make every chest as distinct as possible. Because I have aspirations of one day building a 3D board for my SDE games, I also decided to make them very flashy and bright, as my terrain tends to lean towards the subdued and realistic. For the first set of chests, there's not much to see...pretty basic wood chests.

For the second sculpt, I decided to channel Secret of Mana, though I didn't li…

Looking Back....and then Looking Forward

While the New Year is always a time to reflect on what happened in the prior year and what is coming up, I am not going to spend a lot of time talking about what I did last year. This is partially because January is nearly half over and the reflective nature of the season is starting to pass. Mostly, however, it is because I just didn't do very much in terms of the hobby.

2013 began with a list of eight specific gaming goals. Here is the list and how I did.
Finish painting my current Puppet Wars CollectionFinish painting a tournament-worthy Malifaux FactionFinish painting my secret new project. More to come on that oneBase and Varnish any remaining painted Necromunda modelsPlay a game of anything, outside the house, at least once as monthAttend at least one large eventBuild a Malifaux Table and TerrainFocus on Improving the Quality of my Blog posts So I ended up only completed one and a half of these resolutions. Not a very good record, but not all that bad considering how busy I …

Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 10: Claw Tribe Barbarian

Tonight I finished my first model of 2014 and my favorite SDE model to date, the Claw Tribe Barbarian. I will start by saying I am very happy with how she turned out and I personally think this is among my best painted minis.

I spent a longer time than usual deciding on a color scheme for the barbarian. In the end, the scheme is pretty simple and well worth the hemming and hawing.

After painting the Paladin and Fighter, I decided I was unhappy with the state of my metals, mostly the silvers of weapon blades. I spent a bit more time and focus on the barbarian's giant axe and I think I ended with a nicely weathered look. I will be going back and touching up the weapons for the other two next.

I mentioned before that when I started this project, I was nervous about getting the anime style eyes just right. I think I am starting to get the hang of it now though and I've actually been having a blast working on the eyes.

Her gorgeous red hair began as a Parasite Brown with highlight…