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Visions of Confluence

Last year I dove headlong into making terrain for Malifaux. As I’ve mentioned before, terrain is my favorite part of the hobby, so brining my vision of Malifaux to life has been great fun so far. While I’ve posted pictures here and there as I’ve completed pieces andset up tables, I’ve not had the chance to talk about the design of what I’m working on or to share any tutorials. Over the next several blog posts, I hope to change that. In fact, this is the first of several posts that will be much more than pictures of the terrain I’m working on. They will also be a chronicle of the world I’ve envisioned in which the terrain is placed. In this way, I hope to craft this blog into a record of all aspects of my hobby work with Malifaux, from terrain and painting all the way to playing and running campaigns. But to start, I want to talk a bit about inspiration. When I started the terrain project, I spent hours looking through old photos on-line and documentaries to find the direction in which …

Long Time Coming

After 6 months on Hiatus, I’m back and ready to start updating this blog with more regularity. A lot has happened over the last 6 months, not the least of which was picking up and moving from the Midwest to Denver, Colorado. While I’ve only just begun to explore the gaming scene around here, I’m sure there are good times ahead, both for the blog and for my hobby in general. So let’s get started!