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Happy Accidents in Malifaux

At some point last year, I realized I was behind the trends in painting. Of course, the big trends have always been mostly the same: wet blending, NMM, dipping, Airbrushing, etc. However, the one I had completely overlooked until recently was washes.I have used inks for a long time and still keep a bottle of Chestnut and a really old bottle of Flesh Ink. However, about a year ago, when I started working on Malifaux models, I picked up some washes after hearing about the magic of Devlan Mud.Like any technique, washes need a bit of practice before you understand exactly how to use them and now that I've had some time to with them, I'm starting to get excited to bring them back to my Space Hulk and Necro projects. One of my experiments with washes is The Dreamer. I picked him up somewhat randomly, as he'd been mixed in with my Puppet Wars models and, looking at the white basecoat, I thought I'd have a go at him.What I'm left with is a model undercoated white and painte…

Necro On the Web: and Yes, More Puppets

One of my hobby goals this year is to grow my presence in the hobby community, both online and in the scary 'real world.'  Last year I started this process by attending both Adepticon and Gencon (and spending a truly unreasonable amount of money). While Adepticon was largely just a 'lurking' trip for me, I caught a glimpse at GenCon of a world where I am truly active in the community at large and I liked it. This year the goal is to take this a step further by attending both conventions again, playing while I'm there and getting out to my local groups more than once or twice every couple of months.
I know...Scary...
Meanwhile, on the online side of things, I've been working to get more traffic to the blog and to get an idea of what else is out there. The right side of the blog was set up originally as a way to track similar blogs and sites with a lot of high quality Necromunda content. However, what I've found is that most of this content has little to do …

PUP-date: Get It? Ugh.

Okay, I'll admit it. That has to be a new low in horrible puppet puns. As I write this I am debating taking that title down and doing something a bit more clever and less completely stupid, but at this point the stupid is almost charming and I now it's far too late.
Anyway, here's a novel thing for a blog about painting: I actually managed to sit down and do some painting! It feels good, but a little strange. Anyway, here's the update.


Since my trip back to Colorado for the holidays, I have been eager to get back to my roots with Necromunda. Colorado always puts me in the mood for Necro, with all my old friends and the same old gaming groups. When I go back to my old store, I still see my a large percentage of my terrain collection, sitting in a celebrated and 'special access only' section of the gaming room. I find this very cool. When my brother and I visited the store, Gamer's Haven in Colorado Springs, CO, we found that, in addition to all th…

Happy New Year! Now What?

So here we are, already in a new year. 2011 proved to be a pretty big year for me, both in terms of my hobby and real life. Between my new daughter (and how cute is she, by the way), an exciting new job and travel to both Adepticon and Gencon I don’t think I’ve been as busy for years. In terms of hobby, I’ve spent a lot of money, met a lot of people and even played a few games. Now it’s time to move onto 2012 which promises to be a big year for my hobby and the blog.

After my trip to Colorado to spend the holidays with family, I have come back re-energized and ready to get back to the painting table. Hanging out with all my old friends really gets me excited to work on Necromunda again and now all I have to decide is what I am going to focus on in the coming months. I thought a good way to start then, would be for me to go over all my projects and get an idea of where I am with everything and where I would like to go with the new year.

I started last year on a break with N…