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Trying to Get Back Into It

There’s a thing about maintaining a blog like this that, when you have taken a break for a while, it’s difficult to get back into the posting. This is partially because there’s so much you could cover, and partially because there’s always some “haven’t posted in a while” update you feel obligated to make in order to tell everyone you’re back and making content again. I’ve typed up probably a dozen of these by now and none of them have been worth reading, so I’ve decided to completely skip that, aside from this paragraph. Instead, I’m just going to get to what I’ve been working on lately.
Several months ago, I decided to invest in several tables worth of Malifaux terrain. The first part of this project was the wilderness set including forests and rock outcroppings. The second part of the project is my own town, wild west style, which I’ve named Confluence.

I don’t have too many pictures yet, but I’ll be adding them as I complete the final details on several of these pieces. I’ll also p…

Some Malifaux Re-Paints

A couple months ago, I took the time to re-paint a few models from my Seamus crew I was not happy with. While I try to commit this artistic sin as infrequently as I can, there are times when it is necessary. As I play Malifaux more and more, these re-paints address things that bug me every time I take a model out of the case to play.
In this case, the models I were Madam Sybelle and her Rotten Belles. This was partially because Sybelle, unlike her commonly fielded upgrade, was getting pretty banged up after multiple breaks from her base, bent riding crops and so on. My decision to do her again was made easier when I received a free Sybelle blister as a participation award in one of our local game days. For the Belles part, I had never really been fond of the paint job for my green belle, feeling like I cut corners and half-
assed her. Gencon 2014 saw fit to grant me an extra blister of the original metals for free, so this was an easy decision as well. When looking at the pictures s…

Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 17: Slimes

Several times in the last few months I’ve looked over this blog and started writing a post to get me back into it. These always end up being filled with things like “wow, it’s been a while” or something like that. Clearly, none of those ideas have worked, so instead, I’m just going to dive right back in with more Super Dungeon Explore.
Among my Gencon purchases this year was the small expansion for Super Dungeon Explore, dungeon tiles and slimes.  The slimes come in four different colors and I just couldn’t let them sit on my desk without working on them.
The process was very simple. All I really did was paint the eyes and add some ink to their mouths. One tip I can give is that these little guys have mold lines, but don’t be afraid to remove them. Trimming away the mold lines will leave a dull finish on the plastic, but you can erase this with a coat of glass varnish, which I used on the entire model anyway. I also decided to go for a different scheme in bases. I’ve been getting a …