Pictures of Unpainted Models are Lame (Or) Taking a Break

As fall begins to encroach on my home in Northern Indiana, and the excitement of the con season is slipping away in the rearview mirror, we come to the time of year that is the most boring for this blog (and for me as a hobbyist)....assembly and priming season.

My brother was visiting me recently and it occured to me that where he lives in Colorado, there really is no such thing as 'priming season.' He just builds the models he buys and takes them outside and sprays them down. In the midwest, that is much harder to do. Between the f-ing cold winters and the sweltering summers and the constant humidity, there is little time ideal for priming (unless you enjoy hotboxing aerosol sprays in your basement. I am too old for that). This means that twice a year, usually around Mar/Apr and Sep/Oct, I have my big builds, getting all the models ready for painting during the coming months.

This time, I've been working on all my new malifaux purchases, padding out my Resurrectionists and Outcasts. After a week or so of assembling them, greenstuffing them and all that jazz, I finally took them out into the back yard and got them ready to spray....only to discover once I had started spraying that, even in the ideal conditions of the day I had chosen, my priming was still horrible. There is nothing worse than doing all that prep work, shaking the spray and finally pushing the button, only to have your models turn out looking like they've been rough coated....I believe the culprit was the primer, which had gone unused for 5-6 months. I am going to need to invest in a new can each 'season'.

So that means I'm taking a little bit of a break while all my new models sit in Simple Green on my porch. On the bright side, however, my Avatar Seamus is ready to be painted and I'm looking forward to getting him painted and on the table.

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