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Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 16: Riftling Rogue

Recently, the Riftling Rogue joined the cast of characters and brought the SDE project one step closer to completion. In the last couple of weeks, I've even managed to play a game of SDE and it has been an immense pleasure to have all the models in play painted and looking great. As I finish the project, I will devote some time to capturing some really good pictures of the models, both on the table and using the Foldio. To wrap up the project, I will also have one showcase post, where all of the models can be seen together and in glorious color.

Meanwhile, the Riftling Rogue was a quick paint and turned out quite well. I've seen several versions of the painted rogue, and each of them took a different road as to the fleshtones used on the model. For me, I wanted to go with something that was distinctly non-human, but also not entirely out of the ballpark. In the end, I used a combination of Vallejo Model Colors Flat Flesh and Violet Red. This gave the rogue a distinctly purple…

Game Night: Initiate!

My wife Laura and I have decided to start gaming on a regular basis by scheduling a family game night. We've always played games and said to each other 'we should do this more often,' but, until now, we've never played regularly. The hope is to add to our list of things we enjoy doing together, while simultaneously building habits that will carry over to our daughter as she grows older.

Over the years, we have played a number of games. Chess and Scrabble have always been in the mix and I've slowly injected my own games into our rotation over the years. We have played a lot of Space Hulk and even tried Necromunda once or twice.

Recently, Super Dungeon Explore has taken the stage, which has been the inspiration to get it all painted. As I get more painted, the games get better and better.

Last week, we added Malifaux to the mix as well. For this game, we started slowly, with Margaritas and 4 models per crew. Laura took on Perdita, Francisco and two Death Marshals. I…

Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 15: Dragon Hatchlings

This will be a quick update because this was a pretty quick little project. I was able to complete all of the Dragon Hatchlings in an afternoon over the weekend.

For the hatchlings, I had a hard time deciding what colors I wanted to go with, so in true dungeon crawl video game style, I painted each one a different color entirely. To make the process a bit faster, and get more time logged practicing the airbrush, I did the basecoats and primary highlights all with the Sotor 2020. As I start to get the feel for the brush, I am starting to realize the potential that exists for some really nice looking work with it.

After airbrushing, I went back in and did a few washes and highlights conventionally. I then went back and did everyone's eyes a different color as well. My micron pen was again put to good use decorating the hatchlings with little freckles and and such, for added cuteness as they are mercilessly cloven in half by bloodthirsty, if equally cute, heroes.

More to Come.


New Toy: Foldio Kickstarter by Orangemonkie

As those of you who read my blog know by now, I am always looking for ways to improve this blog, either with more posts, more content or better pictures. A few months ago, I invested in a tool that, I hoped, would allow me to increase the quality of pictures I add to the blog. That tool is the Foldio, the product of a kickstarter project by Orangemonkie, and it arrived last night.

I will not go into a full unboxing of the Foldio, instead, you can watch their kickstarter video. In essence, the Foldio is a foldable plastic sheet that, with the help of several magnets, can be folded into a portable lightbox. The Foldio also includes two LED light strips that take 9 volt batteries, which themselves attach to the box with magnets. It is very slick.
I still have yet to really explore taking photos with the Foldio, but so far, the results have been impressive. The Foldio is large enough to hold several models or even vehicles, the LEDs provide a perfect amount of light and the enclosed back…

Gettin' Wet....Palettes

Over the last couple of years, I've focused most of my hobby time on actively increasing my ability as a painter. Sometimes, this has involved a new technique or a different kind of paint and, sometimes, it involved introducing a new tool into the mix. Amidst the airbrushes and fancy paint brushes, the one tool that has made the most difference to me is a wet palette.

For many years, I worked with a more typically 'palette,' something like a piece of plastic sheet, or a ceramic tile. For a while, I was set on using a simple piece of wax paper. This was primarily because those items were available and wet palettes were just another thing to spend money on. 
Rather than go the route of commercially made palettes, I fashioned my own wet palette out of items I already had available. I am not, by any means, the first person to come up with this idea and I'm sure many blogs have already written a similar post, but I wanted to get mine out there as well, if to convince more …