News From the Puppet War

Strange to have more than one post in a week, let alone in a single day, but there is big news from Puppet Wars.

Here's the link. Essentially, the news is that Puppet Wars playtesting is going public prior to the re-launch. The relaunch itself will be more of a complete 2nd Edition of the game. It's been known for some time that the models are going to plastic and the physical game itself is being somewhat overhauled.

A problem I have always had with Puppet Wars is convincing people to play: Especially more than once. The answer has always been "Why not play play Malifaux?" Until now, I haven't had much of a reason.
I hope the new version of Puppet Wars will do what the first did not. What we need is a game that targets a different audience and really is a break from Malifaux and not 'Malifaux-lite' or 'Malifaux-with-a-board.' Instead, what I'm hoping for is a game that stands on its own and is a good way to spend time between Malifaux games, for example.

As a playtester I may or may not have already received the new rules for the game, but once everyone has them, I will be focusing more on the new edition and making sure the 2nd release of PWars is successful.

More to come.



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