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Seeing the Forest

Back in August, I showed off some of the rock outcroppings I had created for Malifaux terrain. As I mentioned then, those outcroppings were a proof-of-concept for some techniques and color schemes I wanted to carry over into larger terrain projects. After a couple months, the first set of that terrain in complete.
The last time I made any terrain like this was almost 15 years ago and, back then, there were a lot of concessions made in the name of finishing quickly and cheaply. While those pieces are still in use back in my home town, this new version has surpassed them in almost every way. That was, in truth, the goal of the project. I wanted to revisit a terrain piece I had already done, but do it without any of the concessions, sparing no expense and making it as good as it could be. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be working on additional pieces to add to this forest. As I go along, I will be adding some articles to this blog that look at the techniques I used to make these pieces and…