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October: The Big Build

Fall is unmistakably here and the temperatures in Indiana have dropped back down to reasonable levels. I gaming terms, this usually means it’s time to get busy priming. Over the last few weeks, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing; assembling and cleaning all my purchases this year and getting everything primed before the weather gets too cold.
Recently I’ve enjoyed working with plastic both with Space Hulk and the GW kits I bash together for Necromunda, but with Malifaux taking up more of my time and Puppet Wars now being injected into the mix, that means a lot of working with metal. The good news is that I can pin just about ANY joint you can think of, and I’m almost done. The metal work would have to be my least favorite part of this hobby though. It goes slow and is dirty and just when you think a model is done, a change in lighting shows you a mold line you missed and its back to the drawing board.
Then there’s priming. I’ve decided to go back to priming everything white. Back …