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Seeing the Forest

Back in August, I showed off some of the rock outcroppings I had created for Malifaux terrain. As I mentioned then, those outcroppings were a proof-of-concept for some techniques and color schemes I wanted to carry over into larger terrain projects. After a couple months, the first set of that terrain in complete.
The last time I made any terrain like this was almost 15 years ago and, back then, there were a lot of concessions made in the name of finishing quickly and cheaply. While those pieces are still in use back in my home town, this new version has surpassed them in almost every way. That was, in truth, the goal of the project. I wanted to revisit a terrain piece I had already done, but do it without any of the concessions, sparing no expense and making it as good as it could be. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be working on additional pieces to add to this forest. As I go along, I will be adding some articles to this blog that look at the techniques I used to make these pieces and…

Oh, Molly Dear...

Back on my hobby table, the 6 Month Mountain Reduction Challenge has begun. I started by doing some basic organizing and deciding exactly what it is I am going to focus on accomplishing in the next several months. First on the list is my Super Dungeon Explore project. With only a few more models left to complete, that should be an easy thing to accomplish. Malifaux is then another priority, as I am eager to get the community back up and running. I will begin by completing the Ressers, as well as some terrain, as we decided it was much needed after our first Sunday game session. 
When I sat down to paint, I managed to knock out the Guild Autopsies pretty quickly. I’ve always liked these models, but I never put them on the painting table because they just weren’t very good in 1.5. Now, however, these guys are pretty awesome and I will be using them a lot more. I strayed a bit from my normal rotted flesh recipes and opted for something that looked a bit more embalmed. This meant very pa…

....actually playing games

Over the course of several blog posts, I have talked about the state of Malifaux in my local community. At its height, you could play Malifaux at one store or another pretty much any night of the week. This went on for a year or so with a large player base that slowly began to dwindle. When you speak to the players in my area, there are several reasons for the wane in players. Some say that the edition change from 1.5 to 2 was enough to kill their interest while others say the Malifaux community here killed itself by becoming too competitive and losing some of the fun. Still others have shared with me that the community ran out of players because it seemed like no one who was playing Malifaux seemed to be having any fun.
Whatever the reasons, I’ve decided to jump into the community again and play my part in re-invigorating the game in my area. With the help of one of our local stores, The Game Annex, we started playing again last weekend. To begin, we are going to play every other Sund…

Back to More Base-ics: Malifaux

Back to More Base-ics: Malifaux
Now that Gencon is over with, it’s back to the hobby itself. Before Gencon, I completed the proof-of-concept bases I will be using for McMourning and his crew. These particular bases will be used for Guild Autopsies, and are a perfect illustration of what this project is all about. As I’ve been building my Malifaux collection, it occurred to me that I will be building essentially entire factions of models, within which there will be individual crews. However, many models will be used in many crews. This is not like Necromunda, where a model will be used by only one gang. This means that, when basing models, you need to consider how those bases will look both alongside each other and with a variety of other bases that will show up in your crew.
To solve this problem, I am thinking of base themes as parts of a Wheel. In the center, you have the over-arching theme that will run through the entire faction. In the case of my Rezzers, this is Quarantine Zon…

Gencon 2014, A New Challenge and Getting Back to the Table

The last few months have been a whirlwind. With autumn beginning to settle in, I feel like I can start to settle down and take a breath. From Gencon to a trip out to Colorado, to work and family, it feels like we’ve been 'on' all of late summer. Now that we are back to a bit of downtime, I can get back to work on hobby and on the blog.
The Challenge
Last month, a few blogs posted something called the 6-MonthMountain Reduction Challenge, which I think I am going to start myself, beginning in October. The idea of this challenge is to begin making a dent in my large collection of models, while simultaneously continuing to work on the blog and get out into the community a bit more. There are a few rules laid down, but this is the version I am going to use.
No purchasing of new miniatures, unless you use a Joker. Like a deck of cards, you get two jokers to use on a purchase during the 6-month challenge. This can be whatever purchase you want, but NO SPLURGING.Gifts and gift cards do…

Malifaux Terrain: At Last

Over the last few months, I've had little time for the hobby. Without realizing, I've been so focused on work that everything else has taken a hit. Now, with projects at work successfully completed, I'm working to get some balance back in my life. Part of that balance means more time at the paint table and, perhaps, even on the gaming table.

An exercise of that re-balancing has been for me to brainstorm about those things that I like to do, the things that define 'me' outside of my job. In terms of gaming, this means returning to what has always been my favorite aspect of the hobby; terrain. And so I've begun work on some new Malifaux terrain, my first terrain project in almost 10 years. Yikes!
My first dive into terrain again is some simple rocky outcroppings.
I'm using these more as a proof on concept for the next phases of the project, which will be more 'badland' terrain, including hills, woods and a set of stone ruins (using the GW ruined te…