Zombies, Zombies, Zombies....of All Kind and Creed. Oh, and Bats Too!

By now, I would venture to say I have become fairly adept at painting zombies. For Necromunda, the zombie horde is something like 80-100 strong. Many of those still need to be painted, but who's counting? For Malifaux, I have a pretty large collection of Ressers now, essentially just zombies with a variety of abilities and styles. And on the horizon, I've been giving Zombicide envious eye lately, so there are likely many more zombies to paint before I rest.

I know I've shown pics of some of these models before, but now that they are based they really are worth looking at.

First up, Rotten Belle #2 is complete and ready for the table. She has yet another variation on the zombie skin tone as I wanted her, as well as the rest of the Belles, to look freshly dead.

I don't recall exactly how much I discussed this before, but I ended up a big fan of her spring green dress. When I was younger, painting Orks and Space Marines and lots and lots of Guns, I never thought I would be honing my skills by painting leggings, and lingerie. I can't say I mind....I'm just somewhat surprised.

Anyway, the green dress turned out every well. Below the waist, the dress is mostly normal. Above the waist, however, I wanted to make a sheer fabric that was very light and delicate. I'm not sure how the quick pics give away this effect, but in person it is quite nice. I have higher quality pics coming soon.

Next up is the Crooked Man. I mentioned before that I was not initially a fan of this model, but once I started the paintjob and got an idea of the level of detail on the model, I enjoyed getting him painted up.

The Night Terrors are one of those models that everyone recommends to have in a Resser crew. While I am still learning the nuances of how these guys fit in a crew (and how best to make them work together with their neat Flock Together rule), they were easy to paint up and look great on the table. Their bases are the style I plan to use later, with Nicodem and several of the other, less specific undead....a generally barren cemetery look.

The work continues then. Over the next couple of weeks, I will continue to work on Ressers and Puppet Wars. For the blog, I'm hoping to clean through my large number of Picasa pictures over the next week or so. When I initially set up the blog and my Picasa account, I loaded an enormous number of photos that, in truth, I may never add to the blog. As I continue to add more photos, however, I start bumping up against the ceiling of my free storage limit, so I am going through and getting rid of some pictures. Feel free to comment below if you suddenly notice any of my pictures have disappeared.

I am fortunate enough to have a few days off is week. The hope is that, between the usual Christmas prep and the general lazing about I need in order to recover, I will be able to get quite a bit of painting done.

More to Come.




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