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A Madman and His Pretty, Pretty Little Toys

Hey, that's one ominous and creepy lamppost. I wonder wha.....

Back when I was first getting started with Malifaux, I started with the Viktorias and had a difficult time getting into the game. There was something about the pair that didn't click and the more work I did painting them and trying to play with them, the less I liked them.

So when I really decided to get into Malifaux and really learn to play and start getting active in my community and get a crew painted, I decided to look into other masters and see what wa out there. I ended up settling on Seamus.

Now that I've had some time to start painting the mad man and his (insert adjective that is both sexy and zombie-esque here) ladies, I wanted to take a quick break to show off some photos of the crew so far.

As always seems to be the case with me and painting, I've trying something new starting with Seamus. When I was working on the Viks, I tried Non-metallic metals and this did not work out particularly…

Puppet Wars - Big Updates

I am closing in on a nice goal for my Puppet Wars collection, being only a handful of models away from completing the starter box of puppets. (Wow. And it only took a year!) As it turns out, 50-60 hr work weeks combined with a 1 yr old daughter and all the 'other' stuff involved with normal life, can take quite a toll on how much a person can get painted.

Now, with Puppet Wars, I have something of an excuse. I will admit that the recent annoucements about P-Wars have really taken a bite out of my enthusiasm for the game. While I think the changes Wyrd is making will be good for the game in the long run, I am disheartened with all the work I've done and all the money I've spent on what are now out-of-date models. It doesn't seem to have been worth the passion I've put into painting the models and teaching new people how to play, only to have to start over again from scratch. Maybe this kind of discontent is part and parcel for the hobby, though. The 'Works…