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Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 6: Kobold Gougers

The last of the rank and file Kobolds to make their way to my desk, the Kobold Gougers are now complete. Initially, I think I left these guys for last simply because the models were not that exciting and I wanted time to complete the rest of the range in order to determine how to make these guys pop. 

I kept things simple and very similar to the rest of the Kobolds so far. Because these guys don't have any armor to contrast with their orange skin, I decided to go with a slightly more garish look on their scales and horns. This is a bit brighter and certainly stands out quite a bit, but is not different enough to clash with the rest of the

With the gougers, I ran into a conflict that I wanted to highlight in the blog. The gouger models went together fairly well, with the exception of a very large gap in their necks where the heads fitted to the bodies. This was really the case with most of the Kobolds, but it was particularly present on these guys. While I had initially approached…