Do You Dig Lazarus?


One of my Gencon purchases this year was Lazarus. I thought he would be a good fit with my outcasts and I was excited to get my first construct up and running. He would provide a good higher cost support model for the Viks (at lease until Vanessa turns up) and a good tank for the Freikorps (until the Strongarm Suit).

The general consensus on this model, however, seems to be that it is not one of the better sculpts Wyrd has done. I kind of agree. The model is, unfortunately, bottom heavy, bowlegged and, like the action figures it seems designed after, awkwardly posed.

Fortunately, I have a large bits box with which to counter some of the problems and I think the additions work well for him.

First up, I attached a much larger shoulder pad on his right arm, taken from the Chaos Marauders I have been using to convert Necromunda Goliaths. The pad fits in perfectly and, if you didn't know it wasn't part of the model, I don't think you'd guess.

I also added a nice little spikey bit to his shoulder that makes him a bit more characterful.

Finally, I added a nice little steamstack to his back and greenstuffed it to connect to the model.

Overall, I think the changes give him better balance and more character. What do you think?

More to come.



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