Resurrectionists? On Halloween? You Don't Say...

So I had a few moments and I really wanted to get one more October post in before midnight. Also, I have actually been doing some work on the Malifaux Ressers.

First up, what's coming up next month...I plan to play in my first organized Malifaux event coming up this weekend; a nice post-halloween story encounter that should be fun. The goal, of course, is to play more...or at all, really...but one step at a time.

November, for those of you who don't join me every year, is National Novel writing month. NaNoWriMo, therefore, is an endeavor to write an entire novel during the month of November. I have participated once, signed up to participate twice, and not  completed the goal yet. With my insane work schedule refusing to ease up, I likely won't succeed this year either, but I like to participate if only to flex those muscles again. Autumn is the time of year where I always long to start writing again.

Anyway, on with the Malifaux.

I've finished work on my second Belle. I very much like how she turned out, so I am posting a pretty large picture of her. I never really thought I'd be honing my painting skills by painting lingerie, but life is strange like that sometimes.

I am particularly fond of this Belle's outfit which is sheer above the waist. I don't know how well this comes across in the pictures here, so I will try a few more once she's on a base.

During my summer, I acquired a good selection of Resser models; enough to make very competitive Seamus and Nicodem crews. Among them was the Crooked men.

I will start by saying I was not initially sure I like the Crooked Men models...They look a bit...well, I'm not sure....when I started painting though, I started to change my mind. What I first thought was poorly sculpted flesh, when painted appropriately, really comes across as flesh that is in tatters and only just holding onto it's shape. This model was a lot of fun.

Again, a quick pic on an iPhone doesn't do the model justice, so I will go back and get better pictures. For this model, my favorite part is his completely skeletonized head. I don't know if that was the sculptors intent, but I ran with it.

And then there's the big guy, Avatar Seamus.

I've not had any experience with Wyrd resin before, so I wasn't sure if he was a good copy or a bad copy, but he was full of problems and took a VERY long time and a bunch of greenstuff. I'll have to see, perhaps with Nicodem, is this is typical of Wyrd resin or if I should have sent him packing.

At any rate though, he is fun to paint, and I will mostly match the standard model's color scheme. So far all I have is flesh. I used a modified version of Les Bursley's technique, which you can find here. In addition to his steps, I did an extra step between Dwarf Flesh and Dead Flesh to make the green a bit more subtle and I think it warmed the flesh up a bit. Without an airbrush, I also didn't have a good way to seal in the weathering powder (my aerosol varnish was way too powerful). After varnishing the powder in, I had only the heaviest area still left, so I supplemented those with a mix of Violet and Umber washes. I then added a touch of red wash to the mix to bring out the veins on his arms as well as his nipples.

He has been fun to paint and I'm enjoying taking my time with him.

More to come.



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