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Photos: Practice and Experimentation

So it's been a very long time since I was able to get a really good picture of a model and, when uploading it, actually think it was worthwhile. Now that I am actually thinking of it, I'm not sure I ever had good pics...maybe I was just younger and not as much a perfectionist. What I can say for sure though, is that it has been at least as long as I've been blogging that I've had a hard time getting good pictures.

Normally, my picture taking routine involves putting away all of my painting stuff and setting up on the same table, lowering my work light into precarious positions and trying to snap as many photos as I can before the light singes an eyebrow and I give up. Usually, this leaves me one or two decent photos.

The more I work on this blog though, and the more I think about really getting out into the community, the more I want to really make some photos that showcase the amount of time and dedication I put into completing a paint job. To that end, I've been…

Resolutions Revisited

I think the second half of February is a perfectly acceptable time to completely overhaul my gaming resolutions. The good news is that, as I look back on it, the list was not particularly ambitious, so I'm actually challenging myself a little bit more.

Let's take a look at the list I made first:

Finish painting my current Puppet Wars CollectionFinishing painting a tournament-worthy Malifaux crew(s)Play an actual game, of anything, at least twice a monthAttend at least one large eventBuild a Malifaux table and Terrain
Not bad. But I am going to adjust them a little bit, mostly to reflect the fact that I have been working on two brand new projects, A LOT. And also to be realistic about the time I have for gaming outside of the home. Oh yeah, and the new airbrush will help considerably.
Here is the new list: Finish painting my current Puppet Wars CollectionFinish painting a tournament-worthy Malifaux FactionFinish painting my secret new project. More to come on that one.Base and V…