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Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 1: Painting has Begun

When I set out to get my new Super Dungeon Explore set up and running, my original goal was to focus on getting the models assembled to I could start playing as quickly as possible. At that time, around the beginning of the year, I was completely stopped from spending time at my hobby desk for a variety of reasons; mainly a busy work schedule and collecting airbrush supplies.

I managed to completely assemble SDE at about the same time I finalized all of my airbrush workings, so it was natural that I would try the brush out on undercoating some models.
As it turns out, it has been years since I painted anything assembly line. Using my old techniques, this process was enormously time consuming and difficult, as I would complete a basecoat on an entire squad of models and them move on to highlights. While I have managed to paint a large number of models over the years, this process would often result in entire suads of models left unfinished, or even worse (and more common), having a sq…