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End of August: A Bit of Terrainpuddle2

Recently, my break from Necromunda has been weighing heavily on me and I am eager to finish the Space Hulk project and get back to the Underhive. My fear is that, if I leave Space Hulk incomplete, it will just sit in the box forever and I’ll never get it finished, so I am trying to push through. My new goal is to have the marines complete by the end of September. With 4 complete, 2 in the highlighting stage and another 4 in the process of being base-coated, I think this may actually be a achievable goal.

Of course, that is to say nothing of the Genestealers. I have yet to decide on a color scheme for these guys and I am a bit intimidated by the volume they take up, but the thought of having a fully painted Space Hulk set is going to be enough incentive to continue.

With summer coming to an end, the Cicadas have started showing up on sidewalks during my morning walks with my dog Guinness, and I've been getting some pretty good ideas on how the Genestealers should look. Here are a …