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Back in the Underhive

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to play a proper game of Necromunda...the first in a very long time. With Shadow War out, I have had some interest, but for my money, nothing beats the original Necromunda. Let's look at the game in some detail.
My opponent went with a Delaque gang with a couple of heavies while I led a band of Cawdors focused more on numerous lightly armed fighters. The fighting took place in a small shanty in the ruined outskirts of a settlement. The Delaques, fresh from a night of gambling and drinking, had accepted a job from the local gambling boss Jerry ‘Snake-Eyes.’ Believing they’d endeared themselves to the gambling boss, the Delaque gang has taken their winnings and agreed to clear the nearby shanty of several scum who have been causing trouble for the settlement. Little do they know that ‘Snake-Eyes’has led them to a trap, angered by the Delaque’s apparent luck at the tables. The shanty they are to clear is already empty, cleared recently by a venomou…