Gencon 2013 Afterglow Pt. 3: The Big Build

In the weeks since Gencon, I have been busy with one of my biggest hobby builds in years, assembling some of my greatly increased Malifaux collection. As any of you who also play skirmish games know, the idea that a skirmish game is less expensive than any other table top game is a fallacy. Sure, you may be able to spread the expense out over a greater amount of time, as you can play with a smaller collection, but the collection doesn't usually end up all that smaller.

I decided to start my assembly with what I was most excited about which, for me, meant assembling all these new plastics. Last year I didn’t pick up much of anything Malifaux wise, so I had yet to see much of Wyrd’s plastics up close. All in all, I am very impressed with what they are doing.

Of course, now that I’m wrapping up the build on these guys, that means it’s time to start painting. My plan is that I will take on a single Malifaux model at a time while I continue to finish off Super Dungeon Explore. With the Kobolds now out of the way, the bulk of the painting is done, leaving only the heroes and dragons…I’ve decided not to go with any of the SDE expansions for right now, as we are still having fun playing with the original boxed set.

So what exactly did this build consist of? Well, let’s take a closer look:

M2E plastics:
-Complete Nightmare Tara Crew
-Complete Hired Swords Crew
-Complete Shadows of Red Chapel Crew

Older Plastics:
-Complete Jacob Lynch Crew w/ Depleted
-Complete Misaki Crew w/Archers
-Complete Lucas McCabe crew

-The Hanged
-Complete Collodi Crew

So when faced with so many models to paint, I start to come face to face with the ‘gamer-hoarder’ in me and I absolutely don’t want to be that guy. Yes, I would like to have a large collection, but I want to have a large collection of painted models that I can actually use in games….not just a mass of projects that I will never get around to completing.

I’d better get started.

More to Come.



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