Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 9: Hearthsworn Fighter

Next up in the SDE hero parade is the Hearthsworn Fighter. I've always liked the look of this mini when painted up, but when decided on a color scheme, it occurred to me that actually painting him might be a bit boring, so I used the momentum from the Paladin to get right into painting this little guy.

The color scheme for the Fighter ended up being pretty straight forward. I decided to stick with a pretty traditional look for him, different tones of brown. This meant that I wanted to make what parts I could stand out, which meant going back to a pretty bright gold for his armor and a nice dirty blonde beard. 

At one point, I was worried that, between the Paladin and Fighter, I would have too much bright gold. However, looking at them together, and then at the rest of the more lightly armored heroes, I don't think that will be an issue. My goal with the heroes is not to move completely away from more realistic schemes, but to embrace the cartoonish style in a way that still compliments my painting style.

I've seen the eyes on the fighter done a couple different ways and it seems like the preference is to make his eyes more hidden. I decided not to do this however, as the whites of the eyes, followed by the warm browns, really brought something to
the model that I thought was missing when I did the initial pass. 

I'm not entirely sure where I'm going to go next with the SDE project. While the heroes are begging to be next on the table, I'm also looking at the dragonkin and mini bosses and looking for a good chunk of time to break out the airbrush and start in on them. In other words, I'm looking forward to a nice long weekend to get some time to paint. Maybe there's a holiday or something coming up.

More to Come.



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