Super Dungeon Explore Vol 7: Kobold Dragon Priests

The Dragon priests represent the last of the Kobolds to be completed. A small victory, perhaps, but now the SDE project looks much more manageable and like something I can finish by the holidays. Dragons, mini-bosses and, of course the heroes are left to go, but the rank and file horde "not that there are all that many models, are complete. This means that when we play, most of the models in play will be painted, which is great incentive for getting everything else done quickly.

I decided to go for two separate color schemes on the Dragon Priests. The first is the more traditional purple cloaked lizard, while the other matches more closely the earth tones I've already established with the rest of the kobolds. For the skintones, I went with a slightly bright mix of the same colors I have used before, thought being that there is a physical difference between a regular kobold and one chosen to be a Dragon Priest.

These guys are ready for the tabletop, though I am not entirely pleased with the lighting effect on their staffs. I'll probably go over them with the airbrush at some point to clean up the effect and make it just a bit more realistic. For now thought, they're looking pretty good.

More to Come.



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