My Late Birthday Gift, to Myself

Over this last weekend, I received something of a belated birthday gift to myself in the mail, a set of Master Hybrid brushes from Games & Gears in the UK. The link is to their online store, but they also have an active facebook page.

I had pre-ordered the brush set back in September and have been waiting ever since. Even though I have painted models for a very long time, I have never really spent money on a high quality paint brush, favoring instead to go with GW brushes or whatever I can find at Hobby Lobby. When I started using these brushes over the weekend, however, I really started to understand what a good brush can do for you.

The Masters Hybrid brushes are double-sides, which means I actually received 6 brushes instead of only three in varying sizes. The good news is that, among the six brushes, there is not one I cannot envision using. They are also quite nice to hold onto, with a tapered body that fits very easily into my hands, which from time to time suffer from Carpal Tunnel. I am also very pleased that each brush came with it's own storage 'capsule,' which will make it very easy to transport when I bring my painting on the road.

As you can see, the brushes are quite nice looking and I'm very much looking forward to giving each one a try and breaking them in. Once I've gotten a good feeling out of the brushes, I'll probably update the blog again with a more complete review. 

More to Come.



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