Need More Bases

I did some more work on Puppet Wars! As a matter of fact, I completed another puppet and a pile of bases! I am still impressed with myself over how the technique for these bases turned out. And it seems that other people are too, as the basing articles, here and here, are some of the most visited pages on this blog. They are just so simple and they look so good. Oh yeah...and now I have enough that I should be able to finish my entire current collection.
My relationship with Puppet Wars has been quite rocky. When I saw the first pictures of models, I was immediately interested and I enjoyed the initial playtest immensely. But then the bottom kind of fell out and PWars went away with an announcement that a 2nd edition is coming. Now that the 2nd edition, now called Puppet Wars: Unstitched, is starting to arrive on shelves, the game is very different.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that yet. The new puppets are bigger, more cartoonish, and lack the charm of the tiny metal models, in my opinion. The game board is also larger and more cartoonish. I am reserving judgement on the game itself until I can actually play. That said, I'm not in much of a hurry to pick up a set. SDE has taken over as my family game lately. I'm sure I will get a box eventually, but, for now, I'm going to be happy with my tiny metal puppets.

At any rate, one of the nice things I have found about painting in a more professional way is that, while I am waiting for coats of paints, washes and varnishes to dry, I have time to pick up a puppet and quickly get it painted.

In addition to the Punk Zombie, I’ve  completed more Resser Puppets. The Rotten Belle and Sebastian puppets were already painted long ago, but when I actually get them mounted on their completed bases, they look so good I can’t help but take more pictures.

More to come.



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