Super Dungeon Explore Vol 3: Little Details

I have been having a tremendous amount of fun painting up the Super Dungeon Explore minis. I can’t wait to get back to a game in the next few weeks and, instead of only a single painted mini, I have nearly all of the kobolds completed. I’m not quite there yet, but work continues. On the painting table right now are the Flingers and they should be done within the next day or so, with a post to follow.

In the meantime, between painting up units of kobolds, I’ve been working on all the other extra stuff for SDE. I have not allowed myself to paint a hero yet; that will be a reward for painting all the monsters. Instead, I’ve been giving myself smaller rewards like treasure chest and these:

You can’t get very far googling anything about Super Dungeon Explore without running into these awesome potion markers. Working from this tutorial by Tyson at, I went ahead and built these up using Envirotex Lite, my latest new toy. 

These bottles ended up being something of an experiment for me, having never worked with Envirotex before. I have another set of bottles ready to go, so I will work more on the colors and removing bubbles from the resin before pouring.  That said, these little guys are totally usable and add a great little flare to the game.

For those of you not familiar with Tyson's SDE work, He also built these fantastic custom SDE board tiles. I cannot afford to buy them, but I am thinking about making a set myself....huge fun!

Anyway, back to the painting. As always, comments are welcome. Thanks for taking the time!

More to come.



  1. What size bottle would you recommend for potions? I see .5ml and 1ml bottles. Thanks!


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