Back to More Base-ics: Malifaux

Back to More Base-ics: Malifaux

Now that Gencon is over with, it’s back to the hobby itself. Before Gencon, I completed the proof-of-concept bases I will be using for McMourning and his crew. These particular bases will be used for Guild Autopsies, and are a perfect illustration of what this project is all about. As I’ve been building my Malifaux collection, it occurred to me that I will be building essentially entire factions of models, within which there will be individual crews. However, many models will be used in many crews. This is not like Necromunda, where a model will be used by only one gang. This means that, when basing models, you need to consider how those bases will look both alongside each other and with a variety of other bases that will show up in your crew.

To solve this problem, I am thinking of base themes as parts of a Wheel. In the center, you have the over-arching theme that will run through the entire faction. In the case of my Rezzers, this is Quarantine Zone Ruins. At the end of each Spoke, you have a Master with their own unique theme, such as Seamus and his Victorian Street. Any two Masters can share elements of the theme, but they may be entirely different. 

The spokes themselves are the minions that share something in common with one or several masters, but also with the main theme. Guild Autopsies, for example, are halfway between McMourning and his Institutional Tilework and the general Quarantine Zone ruins, meaning that they can fit in with many other masters.

What this really means is that I can use something like the picture to the left to make sure I have variety and character from master to master, but the faction as a whole will still look good together.

Or maybe I'm just over-thinking this.....What do you think?

More to Come.



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