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Over the course of several blog posts, I have talked about the state of Malifaux in my local community. At its height, you could play Malifaux at one store or another pretty much any night of the week. This went on for a year or so with a large player base that slowly began to dwindle. When you speak to the players in my area, there are several reasons for the wane in players. Some say that the edition change from 1.5 to 2 was enough to kill their interest while others say the Malifaux community here killed itself by becoming too competitive and losing some of the fun. Still others have shared with me that the community ran out of players because it seemed like no one who was playing Malifaux seemed to be having any fun.

Whatever the reasons, I’ve decided to jump into the community again and play my part in re-invigorating the game in my area. With the help of one of our local stores, The Game Annex, we started playing again last weekend. To begin, we are going to play every other Sunday, which will let others get back into the slowly and without having to worry about missing out on any action. Down the road, we will begin to host events and get a bit more organized.
For now, however, we are going to keep things simple.

For the first weekend, we had a total of 4 players, 6 if you count the store owners, who were unable to play due to another tournament taking place. This means everyone got in a game. Of the 6 players total, two of them had not dipped into the new edition, three are only a few months into playing and then there’s me. It was not a bad turnout and I am looking forward to growing the community some more. Also, here’s a neat piece of demographic information. Out of our 6 players we had 2 married couples…very cool.

In other gaming news, my wife and I sat down and played her first (well, first 3 actually) games of X-Wing. We opted to keep things simple and stick to the starter box for our first game, but I think this is going to be one we play often. 

As always, thanks for taking the time. 

More to Come,



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