Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 11: Here There Be Treasure!

I know I've shown some of my finished treasure chests here and there during the SDE project, but now that they are complete, I thought they deserved a post of their own.

When I sat down to organize the order in which I was going to paint SDE, I decided to make the treasure chests a nice little reward for painting the numerous Kobolds. If I paint a unit of Kobolds, I get to paint a chest. This served as a nice little diversion from the Kobolds, but also made the chests a pleasure to paint instead of another obstacle of wood and brass.

The chests come in three basic sculpts and I tried to make every chest as distinct as possible. Because I have aspirations of one day building a 3D board for my SDE games, I also decided to make them very flashy and bright, as my terrain tends to lean towards the subdued and realistic. For the first set of chests, there's not much to see...pretty basic wood chests.

For the second sculpt, I decided to channel Secret of Mana, though I didn't like the idea of having more than one green chest. For the other, I went blue, and my mind seems to have projected that there were, in fact, blue chests in the game. If you know, feel free to correct me.

Obviously the final, fanciest chest had to reference Legend of Zelda, so I went with bright brassy gold and deep red.

As a group and one the table they all look great, and in the games we have played so far, I've enjoyed the heroes choosing which chests they want to see on the board, as if one color over another will be lucky. One of these days, I'll get to use them all....oh and speaking of things I haven't used yet......

Boo Booties

The added bit of fun to the treasure chest collection are the trap chest, the Boo Booties. You end up with two of them in the box. I have yet to see these guys in games, but I think that is largely because we have only played 2 or 3 tile games and there just isn't that much treasure on the board. I can't wait for the first time someone flips and relic card and one of these little bastards comes storming out.

The first Booty is done in the very traditional color scheme. Some nice dirty teeth and a shiny red tongue make this a very fun little model.

For the second Boo, I wanted to go for something different and, after painting the red tongue, I wanted to go for a much more realistic looking tongue color. Going for a pick tongue meant I was free to choose another color for the rest of the chest, so I went with a deep red and a much more burnished looking metal finish. I love how the tongue turned out on this model. Wet and fleshy and, though I'm not sure how they come across in the picture, covered with little white dots as if swollen or enlarged taste buds.

As always, thanks for taking the time! Comments are always welcome.

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