Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 10: Claw Tribe Barbarian

Tonight I finished my first model of 2014 and my favorite SDE model to date, the Claw Tribe Barbarian. I will start by saying I am very happy with how she turned out and I personally think this is among my best painted minis.

I spent a longer time than usual deciding on a color scheme for the barbarian. In the end, the scheme is pretty simple and well worth the hemming and hawing.

After painting the Paladin and Fighter, I decided I was unhappy with the state of my metals, mostly the silvers of weapon blades. I spent a bit more time and focus on the barbarian's giant axe and I think I ended with a nicely weathered look. I will be going back and touching up the weapons for the other two next.

I mentioned before that when I started this project, I was nervous about getting the anime style eyes just right. I think I am starting to get the hang of it now though and I've actually been having a blast working on the eyes.

Her gorgeous red hair began as a Parasite Brown with highlights all the way up to Hot Orange with a bit of Bleached Bone. The pictures don't do the hair justice, but I attempted to highlight in streaks to make her hair look a bit more textured. For the eyes, I started with the darkest green I could find, which ended up being Vallejo Model
Air Camo Green. I then mixed in increasing amounts of Game Color Scorpion Green all the way up. Her freckles were added after all the highlights were complete on the skin with a sepia micron pen. The camera had a hard time picking them up, but she has freckles on her shoulder and a single one on her butt.

In short, she is a great start to what should be a great 2014.

Well, back to the painting. As always, thanks for stopping by. Comments are always welcome!

More to come,



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