Looking Back....and then Looking Forward

While the New Year is always a time to reflect on what happened in the prior year and what is coming up, I am not going to spend a lot of time talking about what I did last year. This is partially because January is nearly half over and the reflective nature of the season is starting to pass. Mostly, however, it is because I just didn't do very much in terms of the hobby.

2013 began with a list of eight specific gaming goals. Here is the list and how I did.
  1. Finish painting my current Puppet Wars Collection
  2. Finish painting a tournament-worthy Malifaux Faction
  3. Finish painting my secret new project. More to come on that one
  4. Base and Varnish any remaining painted Necromunda models
  5. Play a game of anything, outside the house, at least once as month
  6. Attend at least one large event
  7. Build a Malifaux Table and Terrain
  8. Focus on Improving the Quality of my Blog posts
The Drowned - the only Malifaux 
model I managed to paint in 2013.
So I ended up only completed one and a half of these resolutions. Not a very good record, but not all that bad considering how busy I have been with work this year. I can excuse myself from getting much hobby done while I am busy at work, as any free time I end up with is usually funneled towards time with family.

With the addition of a Lucius Puppet, 
I now have every Puppet Wars 
model available.
I call myself half successful for resolution #8. I have started to pay more attention to the composition of photos and I have been posting more regularly, even though I managed to paint fewer models this year than in the recent past. An interesting side note about this year is that, while I managed to roughly double my collection of Malifaux models, I managed only to paint a single Malifaux model in all of 2013.

This all means that, this year, I am looking at my hobby resolutions a bit differently than last year. Rather than the specific goals, I am going to focus on some more general things I would like to accomplish this year, with just a couple of exceptions.

So here is my resolution list for 2014:

  1. Finish painting the Super Dungeon Explore base set
  2. Paint more Malifaux models than I did last year (should be easy..I only painted 1 after all)
  3. Increase the visibility and quality of this blog
  4. Build some terrain (any terrain will do)
  5. Do my part to re-invigorate the Malifaux scene in my area (this will likely be a blog post all its own, but things have been pretty quiet since Gencon, and I am worried about that)
  6. Participate in more events than I did last year (this should also be easy, as I only played in one event and went to Gencon)
  7. Spend some time with Necromunda (it doesn't really matter what I do for this, but I want to get something done with Necromunda at some point this year. I miss that game.)
Okay, so maybe I am going to talk about last year more than I thought. Oh well. I'll leave it there.

More to Come.



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