Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Resurrectionists? On Halloween? You Don't Say...

So I had a few moments and I really wanted to get one more October post in before midnight. Also, I have actually been doing some work on the Malifaux Ressers.

First up, what's coming up next month...I plan to play in my first organized Malifaux event coming up this weekend; a nice post-halloween story encounter that should be fun. The goal, of course, is to play more...or at all, really...but one step at a time.

November, for those of you who don't join me every year, is National Novel writing month. NaNoWriMo, therefore, is an endeavor to write an entire novel during the month of November. I have participated once, signed up to participate twice, and not  completed the goal yet. With my insane work schedule refusing to ease up, I likely won't succeed this year either, but I like to participate if only to flex those muscles again. Autumn is the time of year where I always long to start writing again.

Anyway, on with the Malifaux.

I've finished work on my second Belle. I very much like how she turned out, so I am posting a pretty large picture of her. I never really thought I'd be honing my painting skills by painting lingerie, but life is strange like that sometimes.

I am particularly fond of this Belle's outfit which is sheer above the waist. I don't know how well this comes across in the pictures here, so I will try a few more once she's on a base.

During my summer, I acquired a good selection of Resser models; enough to make very competitive Seamus and Nicodem crews. Among them was the Crooked men.

I will start by saying I was not initially sure I like the Crooked Men models...They look a bit...well, I'm not sure....when I started painting though, I started to change my mind. What I first thought was poorly sculpted flesh, when painted appropriately, really comes across as flesh that is in tatters and only just holding onto it's shape. This model was a lot of fun.

Again, a quick pic on an iPhone doesn't do the model justice, so I will go back and get better pictures. For this model, my favorite part is his completely skeletonized head. I don't know if that was the sculptors intent, but I ran with it.

And then there's the big guy, Avatar Seamus.

I've not had any experience with Wyrd resin before, so I wasn't sure if he was a good copy or a bad copy, but he was full of problems and took a VERY long time and a bunch of greenstuff. I'll have to see, perhaps with Nicodem, is this is typical of Wyrd resin or if I should have sent him packing.

At any rate though, he is fun to paint, and I will mostly match the standard model's color scheme. So far all I have is flesh. I used a modified version of Les Bursley's technique, which you can find here. In addition to his steps, I did an extra step between Dwarf Flesh and Dead Flesh to make the green a bit more subtle and I think it warmed the flesh up a bit. Without an airbrush, I also didn't have a good way to seal in the weathering powder (my aerosol varnish was way too powerful). After varnishing the powder in, I had only the heaviest area still left, so I supplemented those with a mix of Violet and Umber washes. I then added a touch of red wash to the mix to bring out the veins on his arms as well as his nipples.

He has been fun to paint and I'm enjoying taking my time with him.

More to come.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

News From the Puppet War

Strange to have more than one post in a week, let alone in a single day, but there is big news from Puppet Wars.

Here's the link. Essentially, the news is that Puppet Wars playtesting is going public prior to the re-launch. The relaunch itself will be more of a complete 2nd Edition of the game. It's been known for some time that the models are going to plastic and the physical game itself is being somewhat overhauled.

A problem I have always had with Puppet Wars is convincing people to play: Especially more than once. The answer has always been "Why not play play Malifaux?" Until now, I haven't had much of a reason.
I hope the new version of Puppet Wars will do what the first did not. What we need is a game that targets a different audience and really is a break from Malifaux and not 'Malifaux-lite' or 'Malifaux-with-a-board.' Instead, what I'm hoping for is a game that stands on its own and is a good way to spend time between Malifaux games, for example.

As a playtester I may or may not have already received the new rules for the game, but once everyone has them, I will be focusing more on the new edition and making sure the 2nd release of PWars is successful.

More to come.


Old Temptations (Or) a Shameless Contest Entry

If there was only one thing that could tempt me into playing 40k again, this guy might be it.

Like many of us hobbyists, I trace my hobby roots back to 40k. When I first got into the hobby, it was through the Milton Bradley/GW game Heroquest. The first time I saw that people were painting these models, I was interested in doing it myself, and this quickly led me to Rogue Trader, and   2nd Edition 40k.

Over the years I have had several 40k armies: Blood Angels, Orks and Catachans mostly. When I left the game, somewhere around the switch from 3rd-4th Edition, it was because the competitive nature of the game was becoming more popular, and the cool complexity of the rules was waning. Thus I decided to keep playing 2nd by switching exclusively to Necromunda.

I have always kept tabs on 40k though, and have often said that there are very few things that would make me want to play again. Two of those things have now happened.

The first is with the release of 6th edition. I always said the only thing that would make me think about playing 40k again would be the ability to play an army similar to those you see in Black Library Novels or the Eye of Terror worldwide campaign now several years ago. The idea of a horde of zombies, cultists and renegade humans led by a small group of Chaos Space Marines has always captured my imagination. Ally rules in 6th Edition now make this possible.

The second one is really pretty similar. I would like to run an army like you see in Black Library Novels, and now Forgeworld seems to be making this possible with the news of them taking on the Horus Heresy. Primarch models, less for the gaming and more for the painting, really have me interested and the release of Angron, the first Primarch, has me excited to see what's coming up.

That brings me to the Shameless contest entry. A blog I have read for a bit now,, is having a contest and is giving away a signed Angron model. Typing that sentence makes the whole thing sound boring, but the truth is quite the opposite. This model is pretty fun and is the herald of great things to come from Forgeworld. I mean...come on. Look at this model!

So, I reccomend everyone who reads this make their way over to his contest site by following this link: Win a Signed Copy of Angron from The concept of the contest is really quite easy. Just sign up as a follower for the blog and do something similar to what I am doing now. Wny not sign up yourself. You have until sometime next week.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm headed back to the Simple Green.

More to come.