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One of my hobby goals this year is to grow my presence in the hobby community, both online and in the scary 'real world.'  Last year I started this process by attending both Adepticon and Gencon (and spending a truly unreasonable amount of money). While Adepticon was largely just a 'lurking' trip for me, I caught a glimpse at GenCon of a world where I am truly active in the community at large and I liked it. This year the goal is to take this a step further by attending both conventions again, playing while I'm there and getting out to my local groups more than once or twice every couple of months.
I know...Scary...

Meanwhile, on the online side of things, I've been working to get more traffic to the blog and to get an idea of what else is out there. The right side of the blog was set up originally as a way to track similar blogs and sites with a lot of high quality Necromunda content. However, what I've found is that most of this content has little to do with Necromunda or Specialist Games. That's what I'm out to change.

I've been hitting up various forums to get an idea of what exists out there in terms of Necromunda blogs and groups. Soon, I hope to have at least a few quality regular blogs to add to my roll as well as some high quality threads and forums I can link to. This will be an ongoing process, but I think, with a little work, I can turn this blog into a hub of sorts from which you can access all kinds of interesting projects, guest articles and other content.

The other half of the equation comes from actually growing the hobby. I've said it before, but one of the things I like best about Necromunda is that it is now a game that is controlled by the players. When you get into Necromunda, you have the ability to choose what rules you'll use, what models and exactly how you play.

This means Necromunda is fertile ground for new rules, campaigns and all manner of additional materials, as has already been demonstrated by the large amount of content already out on the web. Soon I'll be adding my contribution to the future of the game, as well as updating some of my rules published in the various Specialist Game publications of days passed. For right now, though, some more pictures will have to do.

Puppet Wars

The project continues and I have now well crossed the 10% mark for painted puppets. This week sees some particularly cute additions to the toybox.

The first time I saw the above photo, a preview photo from GenCon a full year before Puppet Wars released, I saw the Piglet puppet and immediately knew this was a game I was going to own. Long before any playtesting or seeing any of the models close up, the piglet just shouted at me from that little picture.

That said, I didn't go with that paint scheme for my first. While I think my second Piglet will be similar to the one in the picture, I wanted something very bright and completely distinctive for the first piglet. The funny thing about Puppet Wars is that some of the models are very easy to paint and some are very detailed. This little guy was tiny, but covered in stitches, making the final touches more complex than I'd expected.
The Guild Hound was basecoated while I was still trying to work with non-metallic metals. This is one of those models that would not look good as a giant silver blob in my opinion, so instead I gave him more of a wrought iron look.  A bit of rust was added to the joints simply with thinned down Parasite Brown(vallejo).
Finally this week is Pandora. For some reason, I have a hard time with purple. Both Pandora and her Sorrows, which are on my paint desk now, have given me problems finding just the right shade. In the end I think I got it, and used the same wrought iron / non metallic metal look for the frame of her box. That makes two masters down, three to go.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the blog and feel free to leave any comments.

More to come.



  1. we at our blog have been getting heavily into necromunda we plan on doing some battle reports too. Love your blog btw great scenery and minis !

  2. Thanks FD! I hope to have much more of it very soon!

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